ZOA Energy offers a new take on the pre-workout supplement

ZOA+ from ZOA Energy, photo provided by ZOA Energy
ZOA+ from ZOA Energy, photo provided by ZOA Energy /

Given that ZOA Energy encourages everyone to “Champion Your Warrior Within,” the popular energy drink is looking to change the conversation on the pre-workout supplement. No need to scoop or shake when ZOA+ has it already prepared in a single can.

Many people are looking for an edge when it comes to working out. Whether it is the energy to power through that extra mile or the strength to lift that one last rep, the reality is that any boost can make the workout seem worth every ounce of effort.

Some people turn to a pre-workout to help supplement that hard work. Although there is no magic pill for hard work, the reality is that many people want to find that edge.

While ZOA Energy always delivers a refreshing energy boost, the new ZOA+ pre-workout supplement is different. As Dave Rienzi, strength and condition coach, who helped to develop the product, said, “In order to maximize results in the gym, I believe the body needs to be prepared with the right combination of vitamins and electrolytes. Implementing nitric oxide support and clean ingredients into this first-of-its kind pre-workout supplement will be a game changer for health-conscious users looking to take their workout to the next level.”

Looking specifically at the ZOA+, it is a 0 sugar beverage that has “200 mg of natural caffeine.” While that caffeine is about the energy, it isn’t the only boost in the bottle. It contains” nitric oxide support, vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and nutrients.” While there is benefit to working out, it also hydrates and supports immunity.

Given that everyone is looking for an edge, it is more than just grabbing any beverage and hoping for the best. It is more than just going through the motions. As Dwayne Johnson, one of the beverage developers said, it is a “Cadillac combo of healthy energy products to support all of your daily fitness life goals.”

While much can be said about the energy and nutritional components, the taste has to deliver. No one wants to choke down a drink because it is good for you.

Luckily, with the ZOA+, like the ZOA Energy, the flavor is refreshing. It is available in three flavors, Orange Grapefruit, Pineapple Passion Fruit and Blackberry Acai. It might be hard to pick a favorite.

For citrus lovers, the Orange Grapefruit hits the right market of sweet yet tart. The same can be said of all the beverages. They are flavor balanced yet far from boring. It brings excitement to a supplement space that was ready for a makeover.

The ZOA+ is available in a 12-pack for $39.99. It is launching exclusively at GNC and Amazon.