Van Leeuwen launches new exclusive flavors with more to come

Van Leeuwen comes to Walmart, photo provided by Van Leeuwen
Van Leeuwen comes to Walmart, photo provided by Van Leeuwen /

With the simple idea of “good ice cream that makes you feel good,” Van Leeuwen has always brought smiles to ice cream fans. From classic flavors to the totally out of the box Kraft Mac and Cheese flavor, the ice cream company has never been push to the back of the shelf. Now, the yellow ice cream truck has driven its way to the front of the class with its new partnership with Walmart.

For many people, shopping has to be convenient. Even though certain flavors and cravings might be calling, sometimes that temptation is pushed aside because it is too hard to find. But, when that special item is front and center on the shelf, it is even easier to make that extra purchase.

Walmart is that convenient shopping mecca. From the busy family that needs one stop shopping to the cost-conscious consumer, the shopping destination has it all. Now, ice cream lovers have another reason to make a trip.

As Ben Van Leeuwen, Co- Founder and CEO of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, said “It’s an honor and a privilege to have Van Leeuwen available at Walmart locations nationwide, especially with Walmart’s proven track record of providing reputable brands a national platform for its consumers to fall in love with its Products.”

What Van Leeuwen flavors will be available at Walmart?

To kick off this exclusive ice cream launch, Van Leeuwen will offer the following flavors: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Planet Earth, Pizza, Hot Honey, Royal Wedding Cake, Bourbon Cherries Jubilee, and Wild Blueberry Shortcake

For those people who did not get to try the infamous Kraft Macaroni & Cheese offering, it is worth buying a pint just to say that you tried it. Although it has been slightly controversial, it is a must try. Whether people appreciate the savory quality or the rich, creaminess wins them over, the reality is that everyone should try at least one scoop. Maybe it could be a fun party game.

Looking at the other flavors, the launch offerings show the breath of the brand. From savory forward choices to pushing the flavor boundaries, these ice cream pints are far from the traditional vanilla. Whether it is the person who wants an elevated ice cream or the person who prefers to have something totally out of the box, Van Leeuwen covers it all.

Lastly, these flavors are part of the launch, but Van Leeuwen shared that “it has plans to refresh the flavors later in the summer.” That statement begs the question, what other flavors will be coming to Walmart shelves. Whether brand borrows from its signature flavors or creates something outside of the box remains to be seen. But, given the brand’s creativity, that pint will be far from bland and boring.

If you want to try these Van Leeuwen ice cream offerings, act quickly, the 10 week rotation has already started and you don’t want to miss out.