Voodoo Ranger Juice Force IPA soars with an unexpected combination

Voodoo Ranger Juice Force IPA, photo provided by New Belgium
Voodoo Ranger Juice Force IPA, photo provided by New Belgium /

The leading IPA craft beer brand has gone full throttle with its latest offering. With Voodoo Ranger Juice Force IPA, this craft beer looks to set its own path with a combination that might become the next IPA trend. For beer drinkers wanting big flavor and big ABV, it is time to crack open a can.

Beer trends take all forms. While some people want easy drinking sessionable beers, others prefer the big, bold flavors. Even though some people stay in their lane, others are willing explore a variety of flavors. One day might be that lager and the next one could be a stout.

With Voodoo Ranger from New Belgium Brewing takes the beer brand in a new direction. While many people have a thirst for the brand’s various IPA beers, the Voodoo Ranger Juice Force IPA has surged in popularity. As one of the brand’s top five beers, that combination of flavors has everyone talking. By combining two categories of IPAs, this beer encourages drinkers to take a sip and see where the flavor takes them.

According to Voodoo Ranger Brand Manager, Dave Knospe, the brand has received feedback from drinkers that is “nothing short of incredible.” While sales have soared and expectations have been exceeded, the reality is that it has found an audience with beer drinkers. The reviews on Untappd have had many to seek out this latest offering.

While there are many IPAs on the shelf and beer drinkers often have their preferred styles, the Voodoo Ranger Juice Force IPA looks to combine two ideas that are not usually common pairs. Often easy drinkability means a lighter beers with lower ABV. Beers with higher alcohol levels are often more of a sipper.

With Voodoo Ranger Juice Force IPA, the beer brand finds the perfect balance between high ABV with ease of drinking. Although beer lovers appreciate how this beer goes down smooth, it packs a big punch. It is best to sip and savor the experience, similar to enjoying the view while soaring above the clouds.

This beer blends the popular Hazy IPA with an Imperial IPA. Coined an American-Style Imperial Hazy IPA, the beer has a low bitterness but is fruit forward in flavor. There is a lightness in the body which adds to the drinkable factor, but the full flavor never fades.

The hoppiness of an IPA is apparent but not overpowering. In a way, it is more balanced and the lack of bitterness can entice people who may be learning to appreciate those aromatic hops. In some ways, it is an olive branch to beer drinkers to take that first step that doesn’t feel like a gigantic leap.

Looking at the fruit forward flavors, the brand describes them as “Mexican orange, mango, and passion fruit.” These fruit flavors reflect the trends in hazy IPAs. While a touch exotic, the flavors find the right combination of sweet yet slightly tart. It is approachable for the experienced beer drinker and exciting for the person who wants to start to explore the newer IPA trends.

Creating this special beer was no easy task. As Dave Glor, Brewer and Raw Materials Specialist, said the team knew it was going to be a challenge. Creating a “highly drinkable IPA at 9.5% ABV” has not been done, but the brand knew it would be able to meet the challenge. To say that this beer is and will remain a force in its category might be an understatement.

When thinking about this beer, it is really about enjoying a single beer over a period of time. Pairing it with a meal is a great choice. Consider some food pairings that complement the fruit notes. A slightly spicy noodle dish or even a robust mole are some interesting pairings. Then again, the drinkability allows it to be paired with almost anything.

For beer drinkers who are excited to take that first sip, the Voodoo Ranger Juice Force is available in 12 oz cans, sold in a 6-pack, as well as single serve 19.2 oz single serve cans. The beer is available nationwide.

While some people might have the need for speed, the Voodoo Ranger Juice Force could be the maverick in the sky. Are you ready to be its wing man?