Jimmy John’s Zesty Turkey Garden Club is bursting with bold flavors

New Jimmy John's Zesty Turkey Garden Club, photo provided by Jimmy John's
New Jimmy John's Zesty Turkey Garden Club, photo provided by Jimmy John's /

While those Jimmy John’s sandwiches might be delivered freaky fast, that always delicious taste is what calls people to place another order. With the new Zesty Turkey Garden Club, a combination of bold flavors delivers that big bite that people will crave.

Many people have their favorite Jimmy John’s order. Beyond the pickle spear or even those classic Jimmy’s potato chips enjoyed with the sandwich, the reality is that some people have certain food preferences to enjoy in between that classic bread.

Still, it doesn’t mean that the restaurant brand doesn’t evolve its menu. As seen recently, new wraps, bold steak flavors and more have joined the menu. Even if some of these options were only limited, they enticed guests to take that different bite. From falling in love with a new combination to finding ways to elevate that favorite sandwich, there is always room to explore.

Zesty Turkey Garden Club from Jimmy John’s brings the flavor

One of the best parts of a Jimmy John’s sandwich is the layers of flavors. With the new Zesty Turkey Garden Club, those various ingredients create an exciting first bite. Although everyone expects a tasty sliced turkey and some bacon, it is about the extras that make this sandwich.

Jimmy's John's Zesty Turkey Garden Club
Jimmy’s John’s Zesty Turkey Garden Club, photo by Cristine Struble /

Even if mustard and mayonnaise aren’t often part of your sandwich, the herb aioli on this sandwich should not be overlooked. It helps to balance the richness from the bacon and yet connects all the ingredients. While present, the flavor doesn’t overpower.

The real treat on this sandwich is the slow-roasted tomatoes. Studded throughout the sandwich, it piques your appetite to take another bite. In contrast to the herbaceous notes, it is punch of flavor.

Lastly, the pickled red onions bring the brightness to the sandwich. It cuts through the heavier notes and keeps the whole sandwich light.

As a limited time, spring offering, the Zesty Turkey Garden Club lives up to its name. While Jimmy John’s may have not piled every garden ingredient on this sandwich, it has brought the flavor excitement, just like that first harvest after a long winter.

The Zesty Turkey Garden Club is available now through mid-April. It is a taste that should not be missed.