Tastemade launches Big Appetite with Ben Hundreds

(Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images) /

For many foodies, the plate holds more than just a delicious eating experience. In some ways, that presentation is an artistic expression of the chef, locale and even a moment in pop culture. With the new Tastemade show Big Appetite, Ben Hundreds, the streetwear pioneer, explores how food, art and culture are intertwined.

Premiering in Summer 2022, Big Appetite will explore three famous cities, Boston, New York and Los Angeles. The show will focus on how food, design and culture converge. Whether it brings a sense of wanderlust, hunger or appreciation, the new lifestyle content will be must watch television.

While a few of the perfectly plated dishes will draw the biggest reaction, it is more than just the artistic visuals. Each episode is an exploration of the city through engaging shops, special finds, and a few tasty bites along the way. Bringing all the elements together is the celebration of food, art and culture.

As Jay Holzer, Head of Programming, Tastemade Streaming Network, said, Big Appetite is “one-of-a-kind food show that’s about more than just what’s on the plate.” With overflowing food competition shows, this divergence hopes to entice viewers to step into the experience. And, maybe set off to explore the cities that they see on screen.

According to Ben Hundreds, “Two of my favorite things in the world are food and art, and being able to showcase them together through this new platform is a dream come true.” In some ways, that sentiment is what drives new cultural trends. While much can be said about food and flavor, the inspiration for the culinary experience can come from outside the kitchen.

While Tastemade has always looked to set itself apart from other food television programming, this newest addition could spark a new trend. As more people look for connections both around the table and beyond, that blend of food, travel and culture is strengthened. Whether it is grabbing the passport and exploring the world or bringing an appreciation of another area to the family table, that willingness to explore is vital.

The new show Big Appetite from Tastemade and Ben Hundreds will premiere in Summer 2022 on the brand’s streaming service. An exact date has yet to be announced.