6 tasty Twinkies facts to celebrate National Twinkies Day

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Whether it was a favorite treat in a school lunch box or the quest in Zombieland to find that elusive box, the beloved Hostess Snacks Twinkies are always a favorite choice. On National Twinkies Day, these tasty Twinkies facts will have everyone excited to get that taste again.

National Twinkies Day is celebrated on April 6. For this year’s food holiday, the brand gave fans an opportunity to get a free two-count pack of Twinkies. While many people jumped at the chance to get a free Hostess Snacks treat, some people might be wondering about the iconic crème filled cake.

Over the years, the iconic dessert has transformed in many ways. While the classic sponge cake and cream can be front and center on store shelves, there has been more than just that one flavor. From seasonal options to more decadent ones, those varieties kept the food conversation from going stale.

But, there is more to Twinkies than just flavors. While many people might smile at the mascot or recount stories from their childhood, some facts might not be on the tip of their tongue. Maybe the next time you unwrap some Twinkies, you can impress your friends with these tasty treats.

6 Twinkies facts that will have you wanting another bite

How many Twinkies made a year?

According to Hostess, the brand makes 400 million Twinkies a year. That number averages more than 1 million Twinkies a day. In addition, the number equates to 1,123 Twinkies per minute. Usually, this number ensures that no one has to search to the end of the earth to find that elusive snack cake.

When were Twinkies created?

A baker named Jimmy Dewar created the iconic treat in 1930. While he might not have as infamous a name as other well-known bakers, his treats might be eaten more often than some other baking legends.

How did Twinkies get their name?

According to Hostess, the name was inspired by the Twinkle Toe Shoes billboard. Dewar saw this advertisement on his way to introduce the snack cake and the rest was history.

What was the original Twinkies flavor?

While everyone associates Twinkies with a vanilla cream center, it hasn’t always been that flavor. The original Twinkies featured banana cream. But, due to a World War II food rationing, the banana was replaced with vanilla.

How much does a batch of Twinkies weigh?

Hostess says that each Twinkies batter weighs 2,000 pounds. During the baking process, 15,000 Twinkies are baking and 35,000 are cooling at any time.

How long do Twinkies really last?

While Zombieland might have joked that the iconic snack cake would make it through a zombie apocalypse, the truth is that the shelf is just 45 days. It is better to eat those treats than let them sit too long.