Joy the Baker dishes on why eggs are incredible for Easter

Joy the Baker for Incredible Egg, photo provided by Incredible Egg
Joy the Baker for Incredible Egg, photo provided by Incredible Egg /

While it just seems that the Easter Bunny has a bounty of holiday treats overflowing from that basket, the kitchen is usually where all the deliciousness arises. Given that certain food, recipes or ingredients are often the star of the Easter table, finding new and innovative ways to present those traditional dishes keeps the celebration exciting. With the help of Joy the Baker, Incredible Egg is celebrating the bounty of flavors, innovations and creativity that eggs offer.

The old riddle of the chicken or the egg might never truly be solved, but there is one item that many people can appreciate. Easter and eggs go hand in hand. While the kids get excited over the hidden eggs with their sweet treasures, it is more than just a hunt for a golden treat.

Eggs are often the staple of both sweet and savory dishes served on the holiday. While many people have tried and true recipes that have been handed down over the years, sometimes a little taste twist can make those eggs even more exciting.

Again this year, Incredible Egg is hosting the Incredible Egg Challenge. In partnership with Joy the Baker (Joy Wilson), the best, tastiest and most creative recipes from home kitchens are celebrated. While one winning dish will receive the “golden egg” (free breakfast for a year), all the submissions serve as inspiration for home cooks. It is an exploration of why eggs are that incredible ingredient for Easter and beyond.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Joy the Baker about her Incredible Egg partnership, some of her favorite egg recipes and why eggs are always part of her celebrations. Specifically, Joy mentioned that eggs are so versatile, especially during the Springtime. She often likes to pair fresh herbs that have just started to bloom with egg dishes. The combination of flavors really pop.

In addition, the color palate on the plate tells a story, too. Just like the garden and the flowers are blooming, that vibrant plate makes people excited to enjoy every bite.

Still, Joy mentioned that she often looks to balance the vibe and the aesthetics. While the kids might be hunting for eggs in the backyard, why not use those happy visuals to set the mood around the table. Whether it is tying together family traditions or making new ones, there is always a reason to make a memory.

As seen in many of Joy’s recipes, there is a sense of nostalgia woven into her dishes. While that sentiment might be on trend, for Joy, it is more than just a food movement. Specifically, Joy believes that it is important to celebrate the past yet offer your own twist on it. That dish or recipe might not exist without grandma’s influence, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact recreation. Rooted in the sense memory, it can be that combination of old and new.

In some ways, the Incredible Egg Challenge builds on that idea. While eggs might be a traditional Easter ingredient, it doesn’t have to be another egg salad sandwich that is an exact replica of grandma’s recipe. These submissions can hopefully inspire others to build on favorite recipes or flavors to create something that might become an extension of that food tradition.

While eggs have almost limitless potential, Joy says that one of her favorite ideas to always have during the Easter holiday is deviled eggs. Although a simple concept, it lends itself to variety. Even a few flavor swaps can make a big impact.

Specifically, Joy made a muffuletta inspired deviled egg. Using some of the flavors of the popular New Orleans sandwich, it shows how a classic recipe can have a new approach. In many ways, this concept is the heart of the Incredible Egg Challenge.

This Easter holiday consider adding a little twist on those favorite recipes and seeing just how incredible the egg can be.