Cracker Jill celebrates women’s representation in sports

Cracker Jill, photo provided by Cracker Jack
Cracker Jill, photo provided by Cracker Jack /

As baseball season begins, the classic ballpark song is heard once again. While that box of Cracker Jack and its prize has been a long-standing tradition, a new take on the classic is ready to take the field. This season, open a bag of Cracker Jill and have a conversation about how women and sports are breaking the mold.

Some food brands are iconic. Over the past 125 years, Cracker Jack has brough smiles to both young and old. Whether it is a parent sharing a memory with a child or just enjoying that classic combination of caramel popcorn and peanuts, it is more than just satisfying a hunger. There is a story waiting to be told in that box.

While the brand is a classic, food conversations evolve. As seen over the years, names have connotations. Although the brand never wants to lose its identity, the concept of being more inclusive can help push a conversation forward. Some brands, like Johnnie Walker’s Jane Walker, have expanded its branding to be women inclusive.

Why is now the time for Cracker Jill?

The new Cracker Jill puts women and sports front and center. Given that women are making history on and off the field, it is time to put them in the spotlight. It is more than just changing a name, it is the visual and reminder that women’s achievements deserve that recognition.

According to Tina Mahal, vice president, marketing at Frito-Lay North America. “Cracker Jack has been part of sports for over a century, as records were made and rules changed. We’ve been so inspired by how girls and women are changing the face of the game, so in this spirit we introduce Cracker Jill to show girls that they’re represented even in our most iconic snacks.”

The reimagined Frito-Lay snack will offer a series of special-edition bags. The five different representations celebrate the diversity of women in sports.

Available at professional baseball parks, people can purchase a bag for a donation of $5 or more. The donation will benefit Women’s Sports Foundation.

And, since that iconic Cracker Jack has had many people singing its praises over the years, Cracker Jill is getting the musical treatment as well. With help from Normani, the song has been reimagined.

As Normani said, “I’m proud to be part of a campaign entrenched in inclusivity and empowerment because it’s vital for young girls to see themselves represented and join in on the celebration of the achievements made by the women before them.” Sometimes that inclusion is the spark to give girls the confidence to believe in themselves.

This baseball season, a field of dreams takes different meaning for women in sports.