Flip the script on carrot cake recipes for the Easter holiday

Libby's Vegetables re-imagines Carrot Cake recipes, photo provided by Libby
Libby's Vegetables re-imagines Carrot Cake recipes, photo provided by Libby /

While the Easter bunny might have a basket full of candy, the Easter holiday can spark some creativity. Libby’s Vegetables is serving up come carrot cake recipes that take the traditional flavors and showcase in a new way. Ready to serve some new holiday treats?

During Easter, carrots are often on the table. While the bunny might love munching on those raw carrots, the reality is that a holiday celebration is more than a plate of crudite. Whether it is a side dish, entrée or dessert, there are plenty of ways to put those carrots in the mix.

Recently, Libby’s Vegetables shared some tasty ideas that transform the carrot cake flavors in a new way. While the carrot is front and center, the melding of flavors presents the taste in a new way. Combining that with a creative presentation, everyone will cheer to see carrots on the table.

With Easter Brunch being a popular holiday choice, one recipe that will have everyone cheering is Easy Carrot Cake Waffles with Whipped Cream Topping. Although some people might love a traditional Belgium Waffle, this carrot cake waffle takes all the classic flavor but serves it in a different way. When serving these Carrot Cake Waffles, consider some toasted walnuts to enhance the texture.

For another treat that can pair perfectly with that latte, consider making some Carrot Cake Biscotti That crunchy texture is the perfect vehicle for the carrot flavors. Also, consider the beverage pairing to highlight the flavors. A Cinnamon Dolce or even a Chai would be a lovely complement to this treat.

Lastly, dessert doesn’t have to be served with that pesky guilt. With a little thoughtfulness, that sweet treat could have mom telling you to take a second serving.

Consider the Southern Candied Carrots with Gingersnap Crunch. After the Easter basket has been pillaged of its candy, this dessert satisfies both in the sweet factor and the crunch. Even if people might look slightly perplexed at the item on the dessert table, that first bite will have them coming back for more.

Are you ready to try a new twist on carrot cake recipes? What traditional dishes do you serve for Easter?