Chef Marcos Spaziani has one word to describe cooking on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT -- Pictured: Marcos Spaziani -- (Photo by: Laurent Basset/Bravo)
BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT -- Pictured: Marcos Spaziani -- (Photo by: Laurent Basset/Bravo) /

Below Deck Sailing Yacht has never shied away from drama in and around the galley. While the guests expect for 5-star cuisine, the chefs have to manage a kitchen and the elements. In the current season on Bravo, the newest chef on Parsifal III, Chef Marcos Spaziani, uses one word to describe his cooking on the yacht.

Just like a party, the kitchen is often the focus on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. While the whole crew works to keep the guests happy, the reality is that the chef either makes or breaks the whole experience. Although that might be a lot of pressure for someone like Chef Marcos, he seems to relish in the moment.

Recently, Chef Marcos Spaziani spoke to FoodSided about his Below Deck Sailing Yacht experience, his culinary experiences, and a new take on a paella that is the highlight of his restaurant. While the Bravo reality television show gave a glimpse into his culinary abilities, it was only an amuse buche of his  immense talent.

Having been a private chef, food truck owner and restaurateur, Chef Marcos understands what it takes to put out delicious food. When asked about the difficulties of working in a yacht galley, his response was not an expected one.

Chef Marcos said that being a yacht chef comes with some freedom within the limitations. While he does listen to those preference sheets, the creative interpretation is all his. Satisfying the guests is always a priority, but he relishes the ability to create a memorable experience.

Through the whole process, Chef Marcos admitted that he leaves his ego at the door when he is working as a yacht chef. Even if he would prefer not to serve a medium well steak, the guests’ preferences are key. Even though many chefs have a clear command of the kitchen, the parameters of yacht chef position is different.

When it comes to his restaurant, Marlou in Los Angeles, those dishes are under his control. He can push the envelope when it comes to flavors, ingredients and presentation.

As seen on his Instagram account, Chef Marcos believes food brings people together. While he draws inspiration from his family and that connection, the table can not only bond people but also make the individual stronger. For any struggle there is a positive waiting on the other side. In a way, that food can express more sentiments than just words.

For Chef Marcos, he believes that a chef is similar to an artist. Although it might not be a scene from Como Agua Para Chocolate, he does believe that a chef’s feelings can be seen and tasted on the plate.

Hopefully from the first to last bite, those sentiments linger far after the meal. He shared that some of his meals have even brought guests to tears. More importantly, that meal can even inspire the guest to explore food and flavor even more.

Looking at his current restaurant, Chef Marcos and his partner chef look to meld various backgrounds, ingredients and cultures on the plate. While the tapas are primary one dish is the culinary standout. The Korean inspired paella is a must try. In addition to the traditional paella ingredients, the addition of kimchi is unexpected but makes a huge impression.

From a table at Marlou to watching him on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Chef Marcos Spaziani inspires food lovers to take a seat on the table, enjoy a delicious meal, and make a lasting memory that flavors the days to come.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Bravo Monday nights and can be streamed on Peacock.