Celebrate National Cold Brew Coffee Day with STōK awake and bake

STōK 4/20 awake and bake promo with DK Donuts, photo provided by STōK
STōK 4/20 awake and bake promo with DK Donuts, photo provided by STōK /

While the calendar is full of food holidays, National Cold Brew Coffee Day is a reason to have an extra beverage. Given that this national food holiday falls on 4/20, some people might be reaching for a different celebratory item. This year, STōK Cold Brew and DK Donuts are ready to offer some awake and bake on 4/20 with a special free offer.

For those unfamiliar, STōK Cold Brew is the leader in quality cold brew. Whether it is simple black or a flavored mocha, the beverage brand has a wide variety of offerings. From single serve to larger formats, the convenience of a great coffee is always within reach.

On 4/20 many food brands are offering special deals. Whether it is people who are just hungry for a particular food or have a hankering for a snack, the promos should not be missed.

This year, STōK Cold Brew has partnered with the iconic DK Donuts from California for the ultimate awake and bake (and, no is it not that other 4/20 holiday). According to Domenic Borrelli, President of Beverage Creations, leading STōK Cold Brew at Danone North America, “We found the perfect partner in DK’s Donuts to help bring our ‘Awake & Bake’ collaboration to life. Like STōK, they never shy away from the bold, the unexpected, and the utterly delicious. STōK and DK’s Donuts are definitely going to light up 4/20 this year.”

Starting at 4:20 A.M. PST, the first 420 customers can get a free STōK x DK’s Donuts Awake & Bake Combo at the following 614 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404 location. And, since this special combo should be available to people outside of Los Angeles, there is an online combo, too at DKsDonuts.com. The combo includes a dozen DK Donuts and two coupons for STōK Cold Brew. The first 100 customers will get this special combo for free, including free shipping.

This special combo is more than just coffee and donuts. DK Donuts was inspired by the STōK and the special flavors capture that sentiment. From Four Java Joints to Four Midnight STōKers, the names might be a little cheeky but the flavors are bold and memorable.

This 4/20 doesn’t have to be just about the munchies. Instead, start the day with a jolt and a nod to National Cold Brew Coffee Day.