BODYARMOR EDGE looks to set itself apart from everybody else

New BODYARMOR EDGE, photo provided by BODYARMOR
New BODYARMOR EDGE, photo provided by BODYARMOR /

From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, everyone is looking for that edge. A little boost to prove that all that hard work can be shown when it matters. With the new BODYARMOR EDGE campaign, the sports drink beverage brand looks to tackle the idea that striving for better is always within reach.

Many people appreciate that life is about giving it your all. From the simple mundane task to striving for the ultimate goal, life is about progress, not perfection. With a good foundation, anything is possible.

As seen in the new BODYARMOR EDGE campaign, the brand looks to its athlete partners who have pushed themselves to the next level. Both on and off the field of play, their example encourages everyone to find that opportunity in their day.

According to Michael Fedele, VP of Marketing at BODYARMOR, “This new campaign really brings to life the intense, never-satisfied mentality that BODYARMOR EDGE is all about,” While the professional athlete might be in the spotlight, everyone can uncover that little extra to push themselves to the next level.

BODYARMOR EDGE expands with new flavors.

While the brand captures that thirst to power through in its new campaign, it is also serving up two new beverage flavors in its EDGE line. They are Watermelon Wave and Strawberry Slam. These flavors join the current offerings of Berry Blitz, Tropical Chaos, Power Punch and Orange Frenzy.

Looking at these new flavors, they fill a gap in the line-up. While BODYARMOR EDGE covered the citrus angle, the juicy-forward watermelon and strawberry flavors are perfect for warmer weather. When the sun is high in the sky, these options will be quite a thirst quencher.

In addition, beverage brands need to continually evolve the flavor conversation. Granted, some people might have a favorite flavor or gravitate toward a particular taste. Still, no brand wants to become stale.

As seen within the BODYARMOR brand as a whole, it is continually expanding its flavor selections. Like the recent BODYARMOR LYTE Kiwi Strawberry addition, people are looking for that variety. It isn’t that the favorite isn’t always within reach. But, people want a little excitement in the bottle.

Whether it is a new beverage flavor that entices people to set a new goal or the desire to push themselves to new heights, BODYARMOR and BODYARMOR Edge can help people reach those goals.