Panera Unlimited Sip Club has everyone filling up their cups, again

Panera Unlimited Sip Club, photo provided by Panera
Panera Unlimited Sip Club, photo provided by Panera /

When Panera announced is unlimited coffee subscription, customers cheered, and other restaurants took notice. With the new Panera Unlimited Sip Club, the fast casual restaurant is disrupting the industry, again. It appears that the beverage cup will forever be full.

Building customer reliability is key for any successful restaurant. From reward offers to customer loyalty programs, people want to feel value for their money spent. As costs influence consumers purchases, they look for the best value. Frivolous spending is no more.

The new Panera Unlimited Sip Club is an expansion of its beverage program. Similar to the unlimited coffee subscription, the fast casual restaurant brand will offer guests the opportunity to fill and fill again their cups.

For this new program, guests can choose from 27 various self-serve beverages. This serve includes both hot and iced coffee, hot and iced tea, agave lemonade and Pepsi-Cola fountain beverages. Basically no one will be thirsty.

The Unlimited Sip Club is priced at $10.99 a month. In addition, anyone who signs up between now and May 6 will be offered a free subscription through July 4. With those warm summer months ahead, the offer is quite refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, Panera has added a brand new beverage to its line-up just in time for the new subscription service. For those people who want a boost, but don’t want coffee or tea, there is another option.

The new Panera Charged Lemonade is a fruity, caffeinated drink that comes in three flavors. Featuring a “clean, plant-based caffeine from guarana and green coffee extract,” the drink is said to have the same boost as “a 20 oz Panera dark roast coffee.”

The three flavor combinations are Strawberry Lemon Mint, Fuji Apple Cranberry and Mango Yuzu Citrus. Looking at these flavor combinations they are bold. Adding notes like mint brings another layer of refreshment. Each one seems to be vibrant.

The Mango Yuzu Citrus should be the flavor to try first. As more people appreciate the bold yuzu flavor, this combination should hit the right combination of sweet and tart.

What do you think of the new Panera Unlimited Sip Club and the new Charged Lemonade beverages? Think that they will quench that thirst?