Sophia Bush shares how small change can make a big impact, interview

Sophia Bush demonstrates planting a tree for Planet Oats on Sunday, April 1, 2022 in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Jeff Lewis/Invision for Planet Oat/AP Images)
Sophia Bush demonstrates planting a tree for Planet Oats on Sunday, April 1, 2022 in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Jeff Lewis/Invision for Planet Oat/AP Images) /

While many people have followed her career on the screen, Sophia Bush has made an impact beyond those storylines. Given that she has a tremendous platform, Bush uses that scene to highlight causes that are important to her. With her recent partnership with Planet Oat, change can take root.

Although the idea grew from Earth Month, Sophia Bush and Planet Oat have more in common than just this project. More and more people look to support business that align with their beliefs. For Bush, Planet Oat is one of those companies.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Bush shared why she has turned to Planet Oat. Having grown up with asthma, she found that certain foods could trigger her condition. By learning to swap oat milk for other food choices, it had a positive impact.

In addition, Bush commented that it is more than just swapping one product for another. Specifically, she said that she seeks out companies that aligns with her beliefs. She said that when it comes to products that she uses daily or consistently, she prefers to support those companies that do service. The purpose is just as important as the product.

Looking at Planet Oat, Bush appreciates that the company supports environmental initiatives every day, not just for one day. The company’s conscious decision to seek better is the reason why she puts this oat milk in her daily coffee.

Although that idea might seem simplistic, it serves as an important example. Every choice can and does make a difference. Bush recalled how she would do beach clean-up as a child. Even if she was the only kid leading the charge, she knew that one person can make a difference.

Whether it is that act of service or putting consumer dollars to work, every choice matters. Bush is very well-versed on facts that prove how consumer choices will impact social causes. When people appreciate the hows and whys, their decisions can be more focused. Big or small, everything matters.

As part of their partnership, the pair is supporting Planet Oat Project x One Tree Planted. This program is promotes reforestation.

Through donations and awareness, the hope is to raise understanding as well as put the conversation of healthy air and lands on the table. As Bush said, “I’ve partnered with Planet Oat to support its commitment to non-profit organizations that focus on clean land, wildlife conservation and clean water efforts through the Planet Oat Project. As just one of the Planet Oat Project’s ongoing environmental initiatives, I’m encouraging everyone to do their part to aid the global need for reforestation. Planet Oat and One Tree Planted make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.”

Whether it is donating funds or planting trees, the idea is that change will take root far beyond Earth Month. More information can be found at

Bush encourages everyone to make those changes on the table, in their life and around their environment. Whether it is taking into consideration food waste, aligning with companies who strive to do better or just picking up some trash during a next beach visit, all those little things matter.

What simple act can you do to make a change? Isn’t it time to make positive change a reality?