Best Quiche Flavors to Try This Summer

Quiche from Karl's in Detroit.Roy2020
Quiche from Karl's in Detroit.Roy2020 /

The best quiche flavors are the ones made with the simplest, flavorful ingredients. The crusty, custardy tarts with contrasting texture and taste of veggies and/or meat, topped with herbs and cheeses, make for a wholesome dish.

This summer, whip up some of these quick yet tasty quiches for a scrumptious Sunday morning breakfast or to feed a crowd at brunch. Seasonal veggies, deli meat, cheese, and maybe a dash of fresh fruits (like currants and cranberries maybe), make for the best quiche flavors when the mercury keeps rising and the days seem longer.

Best Quiche Flavors You Can Try

Bacon and Cheese

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Do you like bacon and cheese omelets? Then you’ll also love quiches with bacon and cheese, otherwise known as Quiche Lorraine. The creaminess of the cheese and the smokiness of bacon come together to form the most basic but beautiful combination of flavors. Sitting inside a buttery crust, this quiche rides mostly on the kind of cheese you use.

The star of this quiche is the cheese and that can make a lot of difference to the taste. You can use any cheese, depending on what you love (and like to cook with), but yellow cheddar, Swiss cheddar, gruyere, and Colby cheese work better to give you the slight punch. I would recommend going for good quality, artisanal cheeses for the best flavor. Some Quiche Lorraine recipes call for adding onions, while some don’t. Try this basic and very classic recipe, without no extra addition to the traditional ingredients.

Roasted Vegetables

Best Quiche Flavors
Keia Mastrianni cuts into a Farmer’s Quiche at the Milk Glass Pie booth at the Farmers Market in Shelby early Saturday morning, August 28, 2021.Milkglass2 /

Summer is the time to try fresh greens, crunchy vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, peppers, and beans. And what better way to throw a handful of mixed veggies or one particular vegetable in your quiche and make it a complete meal. Adding feta or goat cheese to the mix gives the quiche a slight tartness. You can also pre-roast the vegetables ahead of making the quiche for a slightly smoky flavor, which does wonders on your taste buds when it blends in with the cheese.

One of my personal favorites is Caprese quiche, with roasted tomatoes, goat cheese (some recipes will ask you to use mozzarella), and lots of fresh basil. Roasted vegetables are also one of the best quiche flavors you can try. Add some feta cheese for a Mediterranean flavor. It works best for a brunch or a light lunch. This recipe calls for mixed bell peppers and zucchini, which give an assortment of red, green, and yellow, colors to the dish. You can also use fresh herbs as a garnish.

Smoked Salmon

Salmon, smoked salmon to be specific, is a great quiche flavor to try. Velvety salmon fillets, topped with fresh greens like arugula or spinach with scallions, and the superstar salmon, this is a quiche that feels like a bagel too! Now if you want to complete the whole bagel deal, you can go bold and add a dollop of cream cheese when serving. If you are not a fan of salmon, you can also use tuna or mackerel. Fish, cheese, and eggs with greens and fresh herbs are quite a combination.

Quiches are the most versatile dishes to make. You can also add your own favorites to a basic quiche recipe and create something epic. A balance of carbs, protein, and vegetables, quiches are one of the most satisfying and hearty meals that you can enjoy from breakfast through dinner.