Are you making one of the most popular Mother’s Day brunch foods?

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This Mother’s Day, more people are ordering in or cooking. One big question is on the table, is mom getting some of the most popular Mother’s Day brunch foods?

Can you guess what are the most popular Mother’s Day brunch foods? While every mom is different, certain foods tend to trend around Mother’s Day. Whether families are ordering in or cooking for mom, choosing a brunch menu can be stressful. While it is always best to ask mom what she wants to eat, one of the popular brunch foods might impress mom on her special day.

According to Grubhub, the five most popular Mother’s Day brunch foods are:

"Quiche FlorentineCinnamon croissant French toastStrawberry pancakesWaffle & strawberriesSteak & eggs"

Looking at this list, all five dishes are quite different. Although strawberries appear twice, the list runs the gamut. Some dishes are sweet and others are savory.

It is interesting that quiche Florentine is the most popular dish. Making a quiche at home is relatively simple. Combining eggs, spinach and cheese and placing it in a flakey crust is doable by most cooks. Of course, the biggest hack is to use a pre-made pie crust for a homemade quiche. Still, this dish is a tasty choice for Mother’s Day.

The second most popular dish sounds quite ambitious. While some people might be making Disney’s Tonga Toast, a cinnamon croissant French Toast sounds quite tasty. It is assumed that a croissant is dipped in a custard and fried.

Thinking about this dish, it might be quite rich. Croissants are quite buttery and flaky. Also, it seems likely that the croissant will have to be broken into pieces. Maybe the whole dish is best suited for more of a casserole type application. No matter how it is made, many moms would love to try it.

The other three dishes are relatively straight forward. From breakfast to brunch to even dinner, pancakes, waffles and eggs are always a great choice.

No matter what you make or order for mom on Mother’s Day, share a heartfelt moment with mom. Those moments of appreciation are as important as all the effort that you make on Mother’s Day.

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How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? What are you serving mom for her special day?