Tonga Toast recipe brings Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to your home

Tonga Toast available at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, photo provided by Walt Disney World Parks
Tonga Toast available at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, photo provided by Walt Disney World Parks /

Are you dreaming of an island escape? The official Tonga Toast recipe brings Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort iconic dish to your home brunch.

Part of the Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort since 1971, the Tonga Toast recipe can be part of your Disney Magic Moments at home. From a new Mother’s Day brunch tradition to creating a touch of the tropics in your kitchen, this iconic recipe will be a family favorite.

Like many people, I can think back to my first Walt Disney World visit. While Cinderella’s Castle was the place of my magical birthday dinner, my sweet dreams happened at the Polynesian. From the music to the ambiance, there is the feel of an island escape on the edge of the water.

Even though the resort has evolved over the years, my children’s first Disney resort stay was at the Polynesian. As their eyes grew wide as the resort bestowed their lei upon arrival, we all knew that it was just the start of the Disney Magic.

While the theme park experiences often picture perfect moments, Disney food adds to those magical memories. Sometimes that whiff of a special aroma or a particular taste can bring back special memories from all those years ago.

For me, the Tonga Toast bridges the gap of being an adult and embracing my inner kid. Even today, the gigantic fried French bread stuffed with bananas can make be giggle with glee.

Disney Parks Blog revealed the official Tonga Toast recipe. Here’s how to make it.

In many ways, this recipe is simple and that aspect needs to be celebrated. Instead of a long list of ingredients and an overabundance of flavors, this recipe is delicious because it focuses on what makes it tasty, bread, custard and bananas.

It is important to choose your bread wisely. Although many people are trying to make their own sourdough bread, it might be best to try a bread from a professional baker for the first couple of times. The bread’s crust cannot be too crunchy. The inside of the bread cannot be too soft. It is a texture thing.

The hardest part of this recipe is the pocket for the bananas. If you are making this recipe with your kids, let the parents take over this part. A hole in the pocket is not a good idea.

Still, the Tonga Toast is relatively easy to make. Traditionally, it is served with syrup, like French Toast. If you are looking to add your own twist to this recipe, consider adding a little toasted coconut sprinkled on top. Coconut and banana are a nice combination.

Also, you can boost the flavor to the maple syrup. An infused maple syrup could be nice. With the cinnamon sugar, the recipe really does not need a lot of syrup.

With the Tonga Toast recipe, everyone can make more Disney Magic Moments at home. Maybe all that cinnamon sugar is the home version of Pixie Dust that can make any day a little brighter.

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What Disney dish would you love for Disney to share? Is there an iconic Disney dish that you are craving?