M&M’S Munchums is a new take on chocolate and snacking

M&M’S® Munchums, photo provided by M&Ms
M&M’S® Munchums, photo provided by M&Ms /

While M&M’S are tasty by the handful or one by one, the newest offering from Mars, M&M’S Munchums, transforms both candy and snacking. Even though the candy and snack aisle might be overflowing, this new chocolate-based snack pushes the conversation in a new direction. Ready to open a bag and get a taste?

Over the past couple of years, M&M’S has evolved its classic candy with various flavors. Whether it is a permanent new flavor, seasonal option, or just a decorative, holiday offering, those round little candies are far from boring.

At the same time, food trends do influence those new offerings. While flavor is often the driver, other factors come into play. From plant-based food to innovative ingredients, the sweetest part of candy might be the way that it continually evolves.

What are M&M’S Munchums?

Coming to store shelves for a limited time, M&M’S Munchums are the newest offering from the Mars brand. While the name might conjure the idea of grabbing pieces by the handful, that concept might not be far from the truth. The innovation blends candy and snacking in one bag.

According to Mars, it is a “chocolate-based snack.” What makes this offering different is that the outer shell is made with chickpeas. This patented, crunchy shell is the innovation that might change the candy snacking conversation forever. Depending on how people react to the crunch and the flavor, it will be interesting to see how other brands follow this launch.

The new M&M’s offering is available in two flavors, Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel. While Milk Chocolate is an expected flavor, it is interesting that Salted Caramel is the second choice. The balance of salty and sweet has quickly become a favorite with many.

At the same time, it is curious that peanut or peanut butter was not the second option. Maybe peanut flavors are not as popular as they have previously been. Then again, many people’s food preferences can change over time.

The new M&M’s Munchums are gluten free and have 40% less sugar. While candy cannot be termed healthy, this option might be served with less negative thoughts with that sweet treat.

M&M’S Munchums will be available at various retailers. Look for the bags on shelves soon or find more information online.