Flor Fina at Hotel Haya sets the scene for a memorable brunch

Flor Fina brunch at Hotel Haya, photo by Cristine Struble
Flor Fina brunch at Hotel Haya, photo by Cristine Struble /

Located in historic Ybor City, Flor Fina at Hotel Haya blends tradition and innovation at every turn. After opening the door, the touch of modern design is contrasted with the history woven into the walls. While the ambiance invites guests to the table, it is the food that leaves an impression which lingers.

Nestled off the lobby of Hotel Haya, Flor Fina is a delightful spot to enjoy a leisurely brunch. Whether basking light of the solarium or relaxing in a cozy booth, the ambiance in welcoming. At the same time, guests are treated to visual delights all around. From the locally produced blown glass lighting to the millwork, each element adds to the personality of the restaurant.

Even more impressive than the scene is the food that arrives on the table. For brunch, the menu is a blend of Cuban influenced dishes, fusion flavors, modern twists, and a few surprises along the way. Whether the table enjoys shareable treats or individual entrees, everyone will leave the dining experience satisfied.

Before the food is served, a cocktail sets the tone. In addition to the make your mimosa option, a few brunch cocktails awaken the palate to the dining experience. From an Aperol Fizz with watermelon to ta Bellini, the bright cocktails are a delightful starter.

If the brunch is about the nibbles and shareables, the sweet and savory options are lovely. The Guacamole toast with the roasted tomato chimichurri and watermelon radish is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. It might be worth ordering two portions.

Since Flor Fina is located in Ybor City and is associated with one of the older locales in the city, a nod to Cuban flavors is a must. The Eggs Havana is bursting with bold flavors. The smoked vegetable sofrito contrasts the lusciousness of the eggs.

Consider pairing this dish with a side of the House Made Coffee Bacon. This specialty bacon proves that coffee and bacon are a winning pairing.

The Primo Omelette proves that that the chef is a master at brunch. The perfectly fluffy omelette reminds everyone how this brunch item should taste. Although not on the menu, consider asking the kitchen to adding some of the black garlic pork sausage to it.

Lastly, a sweet ending to a meal can be that chef’s kiss. The shareable house made beignets served with seasonal jam send diners swooning. Whether enjoyed with another cocktail or with a cup of coffee, that perfect ending will leave anyone looking to book another reservation.

While many restaurants offer brunch, not all menus are the same. As Flor Fina proves a thoughtful chef with an attention to detail does make a difference in the experience from beginning to end. When that memorable food is set in a stunning atmosphere, the food memory is one that diners will want to recreate time and again.

Flor Fina is located in Hotel Haya. Hotel Haya is located in historic Ybor City in Tampa, Florida. More information on hours and reservations can be found online.