Spring Baking Championship Season 8 winner bloomed into a stunning victory

Contestant Jaleesa baking process, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 8. Photo provided by Food Network
Contestant Jaleesa baking process, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 8. Photo provided by Food Network /

As the four bakers stepped into the finale, only one would be crowned Spring Baking Championship Season 8 winner. While the road to the last two challenges was not an easy one, the title was earned because that final wedding cake captured all the elements. From design to flavor, it deserved the moment in the spotlight and earned a talented baker a piece of Food Network history.

For the Spring Baking Championship Season 8 finale, the pre-heat had the four remaining bakers present a cherished family dessert but with a spring twist. And, like every Food Network challenge, the task is never quite that simple. One baker would be eliminated prior to the last challenge.

Looking at the pre-heat, all of the desserts were well done. Although, it was clear which two desserts more heavily resonated with the judges.

Caroline, who clearly benefited from her second chance, was able to channel her grandmother’s recipe into a lovely homage to that family connection. From the cloud-like passion fruit custard to the delicate rose décor, it was a tasty and visually pretty dessert.

Equally as impressive was Jaleesa’s chocolate cake. Although it was a simple idea, the execution was superb, even if she forgot the poutine. More importantly, her cake was impeccable in its icing design. It was clear that she would be in the top.

In the end, Jaleesa was picked as the top baker and received the all-important final challenge advantage. Similar to previous seasons, she was able to pick her preferred theme as well as assign the themes to the other bakers.

Unfortunately, Romy and Dennis were in the bottom. Although Dennis had a great idea, his wonton wrappers were slightly underbaked, which did not please the judges. Romy had a lovely apple tart, but part of his crust was a little blond and the judges felt that his décor hid the pretty apples.

In an unexpected turn of events, there was no bake-off as originally planned. Romy chose to quit the competition.

Given that Romy had been such a standout throughout the competition, this choice was definitely a twist that no one saw coming. Although no reasoning was given, it is a curious outcome.

Did the Spring Baking Championship Season 8 winner create a slice of wedding cake bliss?

For the final challenge of Spring Baking Championship Season 8, the three bakers had to create a three tier, three flavor wedding cake. Each cake had a specific décor theme. Jaleesa had embroidery, Caroline had an antique teapot and Dennis had lace. Clearly, Dennis’ theme was the most difficult and Jaleesa’s theme played into her strengths.

Since the challenge was a wedding cake, the décor had to be as impressive as the cake. While that taste might linger in the mind, it is the visual that is forever etched in the photo album. Even Duff Goldman mentioned, he would pick the wedding cake winner as the one which wouldn’t get an angry phone call from the bride’s father post wedding reception.

Dennis clearly had the best tasting cake, but his décor faltered. The wedding  cake had imperfections. From the uneven lace pieces to gaps, those errors detracted from the vibrant 3D design. If Dennis had had a little more time to perfect his vision, this cake would have been divine.

Caroline had great flavors as well, but she made some errors with the design. While her greenery was a lovely homage to Hawaii, the gold leaf didn’t look purposeful. Given that her décor needed to channel an antique teapot, the look was slightly off. Even though her cake and design were cohesive, the wedding cake needed a little more.


Lastly, Jaleesa had the best looking cake. Although the judges’ disagreed about the top layer, her ability to pipe delicate flowers for a stunning visual was clearly tops. As Duff mentioned previously, this cake was the one with the visual wow factor for the memorable photo.

At the same time, her cake was good. The rose layer was the most successful. It had some effervescence which is perfect for a wedding theme. Although her blueberry cake might have been a little tight, the judges appreciated the texture in her cookies and cream layer.

In the end, the judges picked Jaleesa Mason as the Spring Baking Championship Season 8 winner. After all her ups and downs in the season, it was a nice gesture to see her rise to the top.

Did you agree with the judges’ decision? Do you think that changes need to happen to Spring Baking Championship?