What Moms Don’t Want Served on Mother’s Day

Spoil Mom with a Home Cooked Brunch: Mother's Day Gift Bundles from HelloFresh
Spoil Mom with a Home Cooked Brunch: Mother's Day Gift Bundles from HelloFresh /

Every year around Mother’s Day, moms are treated by the kids (and sometimes the spouse) with a plate full of pancakes, coffee, and juice, in bed. Not that they don’t love pancakes. But maybe it’s time to treat mom beyond hurried cake and coffee and take stock of things that she doesn’t want to eat or be served on Mother’s Day.

Here’s what food to avoid and a few fun food ideas for the Mother’s Day celebration –


Let me tell you, it’s one of the things more than most moms do not want on their special day. No one wants to wake up to coffee and juice spilled on the bed, crumbs on sheets, and spend the first hours of the day in post-meal cleaning.

Instead, make a breakfast spread that mom and everyone in the family can enjoy. Like a Keto Breakfast Board, which is wholesome and perfect for a special occasion. Like a charcuterie board, it has a variety of flavors she can choose from and take small bites while she goes about her day. With fresh fruits, waffles, and bacon, this is also a good balance of sweet, savory, and tart.

Sugar-rich Candies

As we get older, sometimes we forget that our moms are also getting older. So, understand her health concerns and get the dessert treats that suit her health routine, and let her indulge in her favorite confections.

Mother's Day.
Chocolove Limited-Edition, Handmade Chocolate Truffles Mother’s Day Collection. Image courtesy of Chocolove /

You can also get her artisanal chocolates customized to her taste and dietary needs. Another great alternative to boxloads of sweets is a fresh fruit bouquet. They also come with chocolates! All the better, pick up her favorite cake recipe and bake one for her!

Brunch cocktails

Every brunch includes a Bellini or a Mimosa! Then how’s that special for Mother’s Day? Not that people don’t like a fruity, refreshing cocktail in the morning, not every mood or time is a wine mood. Also, there’s no rule that you should only have wine cocktails for breakfast.

This Mother’s Day why not take up the cocktails a notch? Get her a cocktail starter kit maybe and let her explore a new hobby. She might end up being the best mixologist in the family! Or make her a few special cocktails that she’ll love. Whatever cocktail you are serving or buying her, make sure it’s the alcohol she truly enjoys.

So, this Mother’s Day, skip the standard-issue breakfast-in-bed and treat mom throughout the day. Make sure it’s convenient and enjoyable for her so she feels like a queen.