Hershey’s Chocolate World expands its vibrant, flavorful offerings

New Hershey's Chocolate World offerings, photo provided by Hershey's World
New Hershey's Chocolate World offerings, photo provided by Hershey's World /

As the schoolbooks are put away and family vacation beckons, Hershey’s Chocolate World is rolling out a plethora of new food offerings that pair perfectly with the sweetest experiences. From new takes on a favorite candy to a nod to summer festival fare, the sweetest life is waiting to be enjoyed.

Stepping into Hershey’s Chocolate World is almost as if a confectionery dreamland has come to life. From larger than life displays to seemingly limitless candy offerings, it is almost as if the Dahl’s fictional world has come to life.

While all the favorites are still on the shelf, Hershey’s Chocolate World has added several new treats that cannot be missed. For example, the new Hershey’s S’mores and Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy take that traditional fairy floss in a new direction. There is no reason to wait for that summer festival to enjoy these treats.

Thinking about the cotton candy offerings, the Hershey’s S’mores flavor is summertime in a bite. While a campfire classic, the s’mores flavor lends itself to being used in a variety of ways. Just think about that treat even topping a s’mores inspired dessert or ice cream sundae.

Taking a colorful turn, the Twizzlers Rainbow Twists put all the flavors in a single package. While there is always a smile in that Twizzlers bag, the fruity flavors, strawberry, orange, lemonade, watermelon, blue raspberry, and grape flavors, shine. Whether eaten one flavor at a time or combined to make the perfect fruit punch, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this candy.

Lastly, the Hershey’s Nibby Coffee brings a robust flavor to the day. Made with real cocoa nibs, the rich chocolate flavor is quite delightful. Available in classic original blend and Hershey’s Chocolate Truffle Coffee, that morning beverage or anytime pick me up is a sip of the sweet life.

Hershey’s Chocolate World non-edible summer items are sweet, too. For example, the Jolly Rancher Tie Dye Beach Towel is perfect for the pool, beach day or just a day in the sun. Even if some people might not be ready to take that Jolly Rancher roller coaster challenge, they can make a big statement with this new beach towel.

Since summer is about making memories, the Hershey’s Chocolate World x Julia Gash Collaboration is the perfect memory keepsake. From a picture frame to a mug, the design captures the whimsy of the Hershey’s world.

The sweet life is waiting to be enjoyed and Hershey’s Chocolate World has it all. Don’t let the opportunity to indulge slip away.