5 common mood boosting foods for mental health awareness week

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While self-care should always be on the to-do list, those fleeting moments can be displaced by other thoughts. From the looming list of action items that might feel overwhelming to the general chaos that fills the day, sometimes that plate needs to be more than just a tasty treat. Why not incorporate these common mood boosting foods and help to make even those Mercury Retrograde moments seem a little more bearable.

Recently HelloFresh UK shared a list of 5 common mood boosting foods that are easily incorporated into any eating plan. Regardless of lifestyle choices, these fruits and vegetables can fit into a variety of meals.

While ensuring that these food choices are a priority, it is more than just checking off the boxes. Food should and can be fun. Finding the ways to blend the wants with the have tos is key to any balanced lifestyle.

As the experts at HelloFresh UK said, “Aside from this, making sure you include all the foods that make you happy, too, will help achieve a balanced diet and keep your positivity levels up. Whether this is a bit of chocolate, cheese or your favourite dessert, balance is key! ”

What are the 5 common mood boosting foods?

According to HelloFresh UK, the five common mood boosting foods are Berries, Citrus Fruits, Tomatoes, Salad and Leafy Vegetables. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are plenty of ways to incorporate these food choices into a recipe.

Just think of breakfast as an example. A bowl of berries with some yogurt is a balanced choice. Or, what about that morning smoothie that incorporates berries, citrus and even some leafy greens. It could be that burst of feeling good in a glass.

Lunch or dinner is equally as easy. A leafy greens salad with a citrus vinaigrette is a great choice. Again, it checks off multiple food options on the list.

Even just adding some tomatoes as a side dish to an entrée is a tasty choice. Or, a side of spinach would work, too.

Given the versatility of the food list, it shows that smart choices are more than just eating the rainbow or staying within a particular calorie count. Sometimes that plate has a smile waiting to be uncovered.