Panera fans just got the best menu news

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

At many quick service restaurants, guests have a favorite menu item. Even if a limited edition offer comes with a great deal, that go-to order is never far from mind. As seen in a recent Panera tweet, a fan favorite menu item has returned, and people cannot be happier.

For a long time, many Panera fans have asked for the Frontega Chicken to be back on the menu. It isn’t that the other chicken menu items aren’t tasty. But, there is something about chicken dish that had people craving it.

According to the brand, “300% increase in mentions of Frontega Chicken across social channels.” With more than 550 guests longing for those preferred flavors to return, the popular fast casual restaurant made the decision to bring it back and many people were quite enthusiastic about it.

For those unfamiliar with the Frontega Chicken Sandwich, it features “smoked pulled chicken, melty mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, red onions, fresh basil.” The sandwich is finished with a chipotle sauce and is served on a black pepper focaccia.

The flavors are balanced. While there is spice from the chipotle sauce and black pepper focaccia, it isn’t overwhelming because of the cheese. Plus, the freshness of the basil helps to cut through all the richness. Overall, it is a very satisfying bite.

As part of the Frontega Chicken return and to celebrate National Eat What You Want Day, the restaurant brand gave away 500 of the sandwiches. While everyone loves free food, it was more than just a fun promotion. It shows that when a brand listens to its loyal customers, everyone wins.

Even though the promotion is over, everyone can get a taste of that fan favorite sandwich. The Frontega Chicken is back and many people are hoping that it doesn’t leave the menu again.