Rice Krispies Treats HOMESTYLE get a flavor upgrade

New Rice Krispies HOMESTYLE Cinnamon Sugar photo provided by Rice Krispies
New Rice Krispies HOMESTYLE Cinnamon Sugar photo provided by Rice Krispies /

That crunchy, sweet, gooey treat seems to make everyone smile. And, when that dessert is ready on the shelf, everyone cannot help but grab one. Now, there’s a new flavor to enjoy. Ready to try Rice Krispies Treats HOMESTYLE Cinnamon Sugar?

While that snap, crackle, pop has been a cereal favorite for generations, the classic cereal and marshmallow treat is equally as popular. Although the recipe is relatively easy to make, there is something to be said about having it made for you.

Previously, Rice Krispies Treats launched its HOMESTYLE line. Inspired by the versions that come out of grandma’s kitchen, that dessert has just a little extra. Beyond being 50% bigger than the original version, it just feels a little more special.

Now, that line is expanding with a new flavor. Rice Krispies Treats HOMESTYLE Cinnamon Sugar has the sweet and spicy combination. While the buttery notes add richness, that cinnamon sugar dusting makes this treat so enjoyable. It is just the right amount to make the dessert a little extra.

Thinking about this new flavor, it is an interesting choice for the brand. While the traditional Rice Krispies have a strawberry option, it might not work as well in a bigger bite. The sweetness might be too much.

In addition, the HOMESTYLE line channels the flavors of the home kitchen. Who hasn’t sprinkled a little cinnamon sugar to a homemade version? It is those little touches that just make the familiar sweeter.

While this offering is the first new flavor, it will be interesting to see if additional flavors will be added. Given the numerous recipes that are available, the possibilities are many.

The Rice Krispies Treats HOMESTYLE Cinnamon Sugar join Original and Chocolate. Check with retailers for availability.