Mario Lopez reveals his favorite Frito-Lay summer snacks, interview

Mario Lopez partners with Frito-Lay,, photo provided by Frito-Lay
Mario Lopez partners with Frito-Lay,, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

Whether it is his iconic smile or affable personality, Mario Lopez engages people. While some might remember those iconic small screen characters, others countdown the days till his new Lifetime holiday movie. With the summer approaching, Lopez is unboxing some bold flavors. Can you handle the spicy flavors of his favorite Frito-Lay summer snacks?

Recently Mario Lopez partnered with Frito-Lay to help curate his Frito-Lay Variety Pack “ICONIC Box.” Based on that Frito-Lay Variety Pack that everyone has come to love, this special offering helps to ensure that summer fun involves some tasty snacks. Whether the beat gets everyone dancing or the flavor has everyone feeling a heated, summer is getting spicy.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Lopez about his Frito-Lay Variety Pack partnership, his love for spicy snacks and his upcoming Lifetime movie. While summer vacation might not have officially kicked off, it seems that the temperatures aren’t the only thing that will be rising.

Looking at Lopez’s curated box, it is all about the heat. As he mentioned, he is drawn to hot sauce and bold flavors, which is why all the snacks are Flamin’ Hot varieties. While Lopez mentioned that it is part of his culture, those bold flavors may come with a little warning.

Lopez’s ICONS Box includes, Funyuns Flamin’ Hot Onion Flavored Rings, Doritos Spicy Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips, Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Limon Cheese Flavored Snacks as well as his favorite hot sauce. In addition, there are fun branded items, a wireless headphones and a Spotify subscription.

But, as many Flamin’ Hot fans appreciate, it can be hard to have secret snacking with those flavors. Lopez recommends having some wet wipes to avoid those tell-tale hands.

Still, Lopez appreciates having those snacks at the ready. Going into the summer, he believes that “nothing brings people together than food.”

In his household, Lopez revealed that he “lives vicariously through his kids” with his favorite snacks tucked away in the pantry. Even though his three kids might find ways to sneak into that snack stash, the shelf will not stay bare for long and he isn’t opposed to finding some creative ways to hide those bags from those little hands.

For Lopez, he believes that food, and in particular snacks, bring people together. Those “priceless moments sometimes just present themselves.” Whether it is that big summer party or just a simple gathering around a table, those snacks flavor those memories long after the bag is empty. From striking up a conversation to the spontaneous laughter, every moment is one to be cherished.

This summer Lopez is going to be playing some tunes, eating some snacks and making memories with his family. He encourages everyone to go to his Instagram account to have the opportunity to win one of these special Frito-Lay ICONS boxes.

Although a little time away, his fans are anticipating his upcoming holiday Lifetime movie, Stepping Into the Holiday. While he did not reveal all the plot details, this holiday movie will feature some of his best dance moves.

Regarding this upcoming holiday movie, Lopez said that it might be “his favorite one yet.” With a “great, talented cast,” Lopez believes that the “big musical component” will have everyone ready to get moving.

What advice does Lopez give for FoodSided’s two left feet? Lopez said it is “about having a good time” and “feel whatever beat is in your head.” There are no judgments because it is all about enjoying each other’s company.

That sentiment is the same idea that brings people together around the Frito-Lay Variety Pack. Whether everyone likes the same snack or a different one, food, fun and laughter is always a recipe for lasting memories.