Burger King Cheesy Breakfast Melts pull people out of bed

Burger King Cheesy Breakfast Melts, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King Cheesy Breakfast Melts, photo provided by Burger King /

As many social media feeds have shown, there is nothing more satisfying than that long, gooey cheese pull. The melty goodness entices in the most delicious way. With the new Burger King Cheesy Breakfast Melts, that promise of cheesy deliciousness can pull anyone out of their morning slumber.

Burger King continues to evolve its quick service restaurant menu. While its loyalty program rewards celebrate its best customers, the innovative menu items entice both new and old guests to make that special visit.

Although fast food breakfast options have varied over the years, the return to the office has seen an uptick in interest. As the small commute from bed to laptop is replaced by that drive, some people are looking to hit the drive-thru on the way.

Even though a classic menu item might always be a favorite, new, innovative choices often satisfy in the best way. From bold flavors to twists on a classic, that different taste draws people to take that first bite.

The new Burger King Cheesy Breakfast Melts build on the Melts offerings on the regular menu. The combination of gooey cheese and crispy bread offers that dual satisfaction in every bite. Even if there are a few crumbs, it is worth the spillage.

The three new breakfast offerings are: Sausage Cheesy Breakfast Melt, Bacon Cheesy Breakfast Melt and Ham Cheesy Breakfast Melt. Basically, all three offerings are similar, yet the protein changes.

While everyone will have their favorite, the Bacon Cheesy Breakfast Melt is the most successful. Sandwiched between the toasted bread, it is the easiest version to have a complete, composed bite. Then again, isn’t everything better with bacon?

Although not available from Burger King, a dual cheese option might have been a good choice. Just like a grilled cheese is even more unctuous with multiple cheeses, this breakfast sandwich could benefit from that option. Maybe for the next menu addition, BK can experiment with that choice.

The Burger King new Cheesy Breakfast Melts are available at participating restaurants now. The suggested menu price is $3.49.