Miller Lite lights up a new beer and barbecue combination

Miller Lite Beercoal, photo provided by Miller Lite
Miller Lite Beercoal, photo provided by Miller Lite /

While Miller Time has long been a moment to toast to good times and good friends, this summer Miller Lite is firing up a new food and beverage combination. Ready to fan the flames of Griller Time with Miller Lite Beercoal.

Beer and barbecue have long been a favorite food and beverage combination. Who hasn’t cracked open a cold one while flipping those burgers. While no one wants to be distracted by that spirited conversation, enjoying a beer with friends as the flame adds flavor to the food is the pinnacle of summer entertaining.

This year, Miller Lite wants to add a little extra flavor to the grilling experience. That iconic great tasting beer is ready to bring a little extra to the food on the fire. With Miller Lite Beercoal, the Miller-Lite charcoal ignites a new flavor experience.

According to Anne Pando, director of marketing for Miller Lite. “Summer is also beer season, and as a light beer known for great taste, it only made sense to pair Miller Lite with the distinct and beloved flavor grilling offers. We see Miller Lite Beercoal as the perfect way to kick-off a season-long celebration of beer, grilling and hanging out with friends and family.”

Basically, the “Beercoal” has concentrated beer brushed onto the charcoal. As the charcoal burns, the beer flavor permeates the food on the grill. From cooking burgers to ribs to chicken to fish, it is a new spin on beer and barbecue.

Beer has long flavored foods on the grill. Who hasn’t made Beer Can Chicken? The beverage helps to keep that chicken juicy.

The same can be said about other barbecue recipes. Whether it is a pan of beer and onions on a smoker or spritz of a marinade, there are plenty of reasons to use that classic lager while cooking.

In addition, flavored charcoal is becoming more popular. As home cooks appreciate that layers of flavors are key to a well-prepared meal, they learn that all areas of the cooking process need to build on each other.

The new Miller Lite Beercoal will be available online on May 24 with a limited run offered. A 4-pound package retails for $11.99, plus shipping and handling. Check with the brand’s website for more information.

This summer, Miller Time is being spent around the barbecue. Let that favorite lager flavor all the food coming off the grill and open a can to toast the enjoyable food and beverage pairing.