Lily’s Sweets gets playful with new gummy treats

Lily's Sweets new gummy candies, photo by Cristine Struble
Lily's Sweets new gummy candies, photo by Cristine Struble /

Sometimes the day needs a little sweet treat. While the concept of “Always A Treat” has evolved over the years, life is should involve a little indulgence. But, many people are looking for that satisfaction without wading too deeply into the sugar zone. With Lily’s Sweets, that craving is satisfied without a tinge of guilt.

Over the year’s, Lily’s Sweets have proven that lower sugar treats and better for you snacking options are just as satisfying as the other options on the shelf. There isn’t a sacrifice in choosing these options. It is about giving into that craving without a serving of negativity on the side.

From the brand’s candy bars to its baking products, the chocolate offerings have checked all the boxes. Beyond the no sugar added component, the gluten free, fair trade certified and non-GMO ingredients have made the products a popular choice. Since 2021, the brand has been part of the Hershey’s portfolio, which expanded its reach to an even larger audience.

While Lily’s Sweets conquered the chocolate market, it is poised to bring its better for you concept to another treat, gummies. The new Lily’s Sweet Fruity Gummy Bear Friends and Lily’s Tart and Tasty Sour Gummy Worms looks to change the snack time conversation.

As Michael Rabinovitz, Director of Lily’s Sweets said, “The love for gummies nationwide is growing while the desire for better-for-you snacking options continues. Leaning into peoples’ love of gummies, the Lily’s brand is here to give everyone the best of both worlds… delicious gummy snacks that truly stand apart with less than one gram of sugar.”

Although many people will open a bag of the new Lily’s gummies because of the less than one gram of sugar designation, the flavor will bring them back to open the bag again and again. A touch playful yet with sophisticated flavors, these candies prove that sweet treats can bring smiles to any occasion.

The Lily’s Sweet Fruity Gummy Bear Friends have clean, crisp fruit flavors. With four flavors, raspberry, strawberry, orange and lemon, the “fruitiness” comes through in each bite. Although some gummy candies tend to all taste the same in the bag, Lily’s takes a different approach. Each flavor is quite different. From the tangy lemon to the sweet strawberry, every candy has a distinct flavor.

Although everyone has their preferred gummy eating method, combining two bears in one bite can offer an even more flavorful experience. From double citrus with the orange and lemon to a sweet and bright raspberry lemon combination, it can be fun to experiment with the various combinations.

With the Lily’s Tart and Tasty Sour Gummy Worms, this treat is all about that pucker. Over the past several years, sour candy has been trending. But, this candy brings the flavor, not the aftertaste.

Just like that tartness of a fresh lemon makes a person take notice, these sour candies have a bold sour. But, it is more than just sour for sour sake. The fruit flavors hit second which makes you dig into the bag for another candy.

Also, the fruit combination is smart. While lemon raspberry might be more expected, the apple peach is the flavor combination will make people take notice. It might become a new flavor trend.

The new Lily’s Sweets gummy offerings are available at various retailers. Prices will vary.

Always a treat isn’t just a saying, it can be a way of life. Smarter choices, like Lily’s Sweets, ensure that sweetness is always part of the conversation.