Dogfish Head Barcart Variety Pack is the ultimate crowd pleaser

Dogsfish Head Barcart Variety Pack is the ultimate crowd pleaser , photo provided by Dogfish Head
Dogsfish Head Barcart Variety Pack is the ultimate crowd pleaser , photo provided by Dogfish Head /

While many people marveled at the recent Turducken of beers from Dogfish Head, the Dogfish Head Barcart Variety Pack puts bold flavors into the canned cocktail trend. Although this beverage brand is never afraid to push the flavor boundaries, these beverage offerings will have everyone ready to toast to the good life.

As the unofficial drink of summer, canned cocktails seem to have found its niche with drinkers. While the convenience is a given, it is more than just being able to grab a beverage and enjoy the refreshment. Often, it is the flavors that call drinkers to open that can.

With the Dogfish Head Barcart Variety Pack, the four cocktails blend the familiar and the new. Vodka and soda have been trending, but these versions offer bolder flavors in the can.

For example, the Vodka Soda has a blueberry shrub. That sweet yet slightly herbaceous quality makes it quite refreshing. Even though the can is waiting to be opened, serving this cocktail in a glass over ice is even better. Consider a sugared blueberry or some frozen blueberries as a garnish to elevate the drinking experience even more.

Looking at the other flavors, the Vodka Crush with Blood Orange and Mango is delightful on a summer night. The contrast of the sweet and tart captures a delightful juiciness.

Although many people will think about this canned cocktail paired with a classic beer can chicken, some Korean tacos or even a simple grilled fish, it is a perfect brunch option. Instead of that Screwdriver or Mimosa, consider this zesty offering instead. Who said that a summer brunch can’t be made on the grill?

For the sweet, farm fresh cocktail, the Strawberry and Honeyberry Lemonade will make you pull up a rocking chair on the porch and sit a spell. That sour sweet flavor of the honeyberry is perfect on a warm summer day. Seemingly a cross between various berries, it is a complex flavor that leaves people intrigued.

Plus, the house made lemonade with the vodka feels like something that grandpa would serve at the lake house. Slightly nostalgic but always in fashion, this canned cocktail offers a versatility that everyone can appreciate.

The Dogfish Head Barcart Variety Pack is available at various retailers. It contains four flavors, Lemon and Lime Gin Crush, Blood Orange and Mango Vodka Crush, Strawberry and Honeyberry Vodka Lemonade and Blueberry Shrub Vodka Soda. Check online or with local retailers for availability.

In addition, the various Dogfish Head canned cocktails can be bought in single flavor packages, where available. More information can be found at the beverage brand’s website.

Summer sipping is here, and refreshment is ready to be enjoyed. What canned cocktails are waiting in the cooler?