Justin Bieber shows why Tim Hortons Biebs Brew is worth the wait

Justin Bieber for Tim Hortons, photo provided by Tim Hortons
Justin Bieber for Tim Hortons, photo provided by Tim Hortons /

Ahead of the highly anticipated Biebs Brew release, Tim Hortons is showing how dedicated Justin Bieber is to his special cold brew coffee. Although the smooth, sweet beverage takes longer, that first sip proves the effort is worth the wait.

The Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber partnership has proven to be quite successful. From those tasty Timbiebs to the special merchandise, it isn’t just Canadians or Bieber fans who made these offerings successful. The flavors have everyone coming back to enjoy a taste time and again.

With the new Biebs Brew, perfecting that flavorful sip takes patience. Just like creating the hook in a successful song, the process cannot be rushed. As seen in the new Tim Hortons commercial, Justin Bieber is willing to wait. Are you counting down the hours too?

Although there is some tongue and cheek moments in the commercial, it does have a great point. Cold brew coffee is more laborious than a traditional steeped offering. To achieve that perfectly smooth taste, it must embrace the slow. Even though many people want instantaneous satisfaction, celebrating the process has its place.

Specifically, the Biebs Brew is stepped for 16 hours. The 100% premium Arabica beans slowly unlock that bold, rich flavor. Still, the coffee highlights its smoothness with a touch of sweetness.

Whether paired with the Timbiebs, another menu item or enjoyed on its own, the Biebs Brew will quickly become a fan favorite. It could have some people who prefer hot coffee willing to try a different beverage.

Even though Tim Hortons guests will not have to wait 16 hours to get their Biebs Brew fix, there is a lesson to be learned in this commercial. Having a little patience can be a good thing. Maybe next time people are in line for that coffee, they can be a little nicer to staff or the people around them. If Justin can wait 16 hours for that first sip, everyone can wait a few minutes to get that caffeine fix.

Are you excited for the new Biebs Brew? Do you think that it will be worth the wait?