Blue Diamond Almonds mashes up snack time with bold flavors

New Blue Diamond Almonds Elote flavor, photo provided by Blue Diamond
New Blue Diamond Almonds Elote flavor, photo provided by Blue Diamond /

While many people grab a handful of nuts as a hearty snack, Blue Diamond Almonds understands that bold flavors bring people back for another serving. With two new flavors and new Mash Ups options, the plain almond will never be the same again.

Snack trends continue to evolve. Just like bold flavors take over recipes, the snack aisle has adapted. The variety on the shelf ensure that snack time is always an adventure.

Blue Diamond Almonds has embraced the flavor trend. While there will always be a place for plain, smoked or salted almonds, that nut can be transformed in many ways. Whether borrowing from popular dishes or combining contrasting flavors, there are plenty of options in the bowl.

As Maya Erwin, Vice President of Innovation and R&D at Blue Diamond said, “We know that consumers are eager to try new flavors of their favorite snacks, and in our research, we’ve identified a growing demand for global flavors tied with savory sweetness ranking as the fastest growing snack category over the past year. Expanding our portfolio of international flavors and introducing these exciting flavor combinations are some of the key ways that we’re bringing consumers flavors they’ll come to crave.”

Currently, Blue Almond Diamonds offers Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds and Spicy Dill Pickle Almonds. Joining these flavors are the new Elote Mexican Style Street Corn Almonds and Korean BBQ Almonds. The dish inspiration is clear, but the flavor is the reason why people will want to keep snacking.

The Blue Diamond Almonds Elote Mexican Style Street Corn Almonds captures that layered flavor without the mess of eating corn on the cob. The sweetness of grilled corn is heightened by the chili pepper and lime seasoning. With a touch of cheese flavor, it hits sweet, spicy, savory and zesty.

Thinking about this flavor, it would be perfect for summer snacking. Just like corn is a backyard barbecue staple, this new flavor might be the must have option.

For a heartier option, the Korean BBQ Almonds has a hint of spice with all the savory notes. Combining soy, garlic and gochujang, there is a touch of smoky that makes the almonds even more satisfying.

The new Elote and Korean BBQ flavors will be hitting store shelves over the next couple of months. The suggested retail price is $4.19 per container.

What are the Blue Diamond Almonds Mash Ups?

Many people like contrasting flavors. Spicy and sweet is the classic that everyone appreciates. The Blue Diamond Almonds Mash Ups capture that combination.

For a more classic approach, the Mash Ups Cinnamon and Maple are more of a roasted nuts flavor that can instantly cause a stomach to grumble. The sugar and spice notes appeal to that everything nice. It might feel a touch indulgent, but it doesn’t have any negative connotation.

The Dark Chocolate and Chili Pepper Almonds are more adventurous. Although the chili pepper has a kick of heat, it isn’t overpowering. Balanced by the sweetness of dark chocolate, it is sophisticated offering.

The Mash Ups have a suggested retail price of $6.98. Check with retailers for availability.

What other flavor options would you like to see on the shelf? Do you enjoy Blue Diamond Almonds as a snack?