DoorDash and Chloe Bailey bring the heat to DashPass members

Chlöe Bailey and DoorDash Make 'Em Sweat, photo provided by DoorDash
Chlöe Bailey and DoorDash Make 'Em Sweat, photo provided by DoorDash /

While the summer temperatures might be rising, the numbers on the thermometer aren’t the only thing heating up this summer. DashPass members have a special present waiting to be unwrapped. DoorDash and Chloe Bailey are going to make you sweat.

As many DashPass members made an order on their account, a little spicy bonus was waiting to be enjoyed. The “Make ‘Em Sweat” hot sauce is a special collaboration between the brand and Bailey. Although a little dash on your favorite meal might not make you sing in perfect tune, it might cause a little color in your cheeks.

The specially created, limited edition hot sauce has a touch of sweet but it doesn’t hide the heat. With ghost peppers, cayenne peppers, and Peri Peri, the bold flavor hits from the first whiff. Still, that touch of sweet tomato helps to put the fear of the heat under control. Well balanced, the robust hot sauce is totally irresistible.

More importantly, the hot sauce’s versatility is what has people wanting another pour. Whether topping a burger or chicken sandwich to adding another dimension to that breakfast burrito or even that ice cream sundae, the bottle will be gone before you know it.

By offering this special hot sauce to DashPass members, it is an extra bonus that brings value to the program as well as helps to foster customer loyalty. Given that consumers are looking for value with every purchase, a little extra is always appreciated.

While this offering is limited, it isn’t the only exclusives that are part of the program. From special menu items to other promotions, there are plenty of reasons to be a DashPass member.

For anyone who isn’t a DashPass member, the program is free for the first 30 days. After the trial period, the monthly fee is just $9.99. Plus, students’ membership fee is just $4.99. When that study hour hunger hits, it is good to have easy to order options available.

Ready to feel the burn with DoorDash and Chloe Bailey? What would entice you to become a DashPass member?