Tic Tac Tropical Adventure shakes up a flavor vacation

Tic Tac Tropical Adventure, photo provided by TicTac
Tic Tac Tropical Adventure, photo provided by TicTac /

Whether thrown in a purse, pocket or bag, that iconic shake sound means that refreshment is waiting to be enjoyed. With Tic Tac Tropical Adventure, the newest flavor offers a new wave of fruity sweetness. Ready to escape to a taste of paradise?

Tic Tac has been adding more and more flavors to its line. While the classic mint or the popular orange are flavors that will always have a place on the shelf, the candy has looked to bring adventure to the sweet treat.

From the recently released Fruit Adventure to the Big Berry Adventure, the combination flavors bring an additional layer of fun. Whether that shake brings multiple flavors in a handful or enjoyed one candy at a time, the combination adds to the enjoyment. Shouldn’t a sweet treat bring a little extra fun?

As Dan Cutchin, VP Marketing, Tic Tac North America at Ferrero USA, Inc. said, “Fans love our current fruity offerings, so we’re excited to give them more of what they enjoy while introducing new flavors with our Tropical Adventure innovation. Tropical Adventure is meant to act as a ‘vacation in a box’ and we hope this mashup of vibrant flavors gives consumers a taste of paradise anytime throughout their day.”

What flavors are in the Tic Tac Tropical Adventure?

As the newest flavor to join the line-up, the Tic Tac Tropical Adventure features four flavors, pineapple, passionfruit, banana and mango. This combination almost sounds like that favorite smoothie or fruit bowl.

Looking at the flavors, it is clear that there is a nod to both current food trends as well as the tropical fruit flavors. When all four flavors are combined, one handful its sweet, juicy, slightly tart, and mellow. Although it might not conjure a warm beach breeze with a shake of a container, that sense of refreshment is waiting to be enjoyed.

With the most recent new flavors, Tic Tac has found a way to bring a little extra fun to that shake. As seen in the “Take A Ride on a Tic Tac” campaign, it visually captures that willingness to discover some fun. Whether it is jumping on a skateboard, hitting the beach, or just wandering down that uncharted road, life is too short just to sit. Just like each Tic Tac container holds a flavor adventure, life has many opportunities waiting to be explored.

The new Tic Tac Tropical Adventure is available in stores now. It is sold in both a 1 oz single pack and a 3.4 oz bottle pack.

Ready to shake up a taste of the tropics? Is there a new adventure waiting for you?