Shake The Music gave Tic Tac fans the ultimate music experience


A sound, a note and a beat can be found in that classic Tic Tac container. For a few lucky fans, Shake The Music offered the ultimate music experience.

Music interweaves itself into daily life. As the first notes awaken people from sleep to the final noises that filter away at night, a daily symphony fills everyone’s lives.

Tic Tac, celebrating its 50th anniversary, has also become part of many people’s lives. Whether the original, refreshing mint or the signature sound that a container makes, this treat is part of the collective culture.

Earlier this year, Tic Tac announced the program, Shake The Music. As a sponsor of IHeart Music Festivals, the program gave fans the opportunity to win a unique music-inspired experience at the IHeart Festival in Las Vegas. While the experience and contest were part of the program, there was a broader picture, too.

For many people, Tic Tac is that container which was always in the backpack, purse or even pocket. That rectangle container filled with either a mint or even a fruit flavored Tic Tac has just seemed part of daily life. Whether enjoyed one at a time or a handful at a time, it just always seems around.

While the flavors and shape are iconic, that container always seemed to make a particular sound. Even as you might be walking down the hall, the din of a rattle could alert everyone, you had some Tic Tacs in your pocket. That little container could instantly become a shareable moment.

Part of the Tic Tac Shake The Music program encouraged people to get shaking and let everyone know that they had Tic Tacs on the mind. Whether you shook, fast, slow, rhythmically or off beat, that sound could be music to anyone’s ears.

For a few lucky people, all that shaking won them a unique experience at IHeart Festival in Las Vegas. A select group of winners received the ultimate VIP treatment during the festival’s weekend events, including a special event with top selling artist, Bryce Vine.

Bryce Vine gained recognition for his song, “Drew Barrymore.” His current album, Carnival, featuring the new song “I’m Not Alright,” combines thoughtful lyrics with a beat that encourages everyone to get up and moving.

As Vine took the daytime stage during the IHeart Festival, the crowd was energized. From singing along to jumping to the rythym, it is clear that Vine understands that his music creates a connection with his fans and inspires an experience in the moment.

That type of idea makes this Tic Tac and Vine collaboration work. The focus is about highlighting the shareable experience that music offers everyone.

After Vine stepped off stage, during his meet and greet, he commented about his music generally. Vine mentioned that when he creates his music that he thinks about his fans and the experience that his music can provide.

In some ways, he lets the audience’s interaction guide his choices. His lyrics and beats might be his expression but they are also part of the shareable moment with his fans.

Looking at some of Vine’s most popular songs, the lyrics are relatable and the music is compelling. Blending those items together with his charismatic personality, Vine is unstoppable.

Since part of the Tic Tac Shake The Music experience extended beyond the festival (the winners rode the Big Apple Roller Coaster at New York New York Las Vegas with Vine), it was refreshing to see how he interacted with these fans. He took the time to spend time with everyone, which says a lot about him as a person.

From signing special autographs to engaging in conversation with everyone, the whole event showed how people can all share the moment together. Sure, a refreshing mint might have brought everyone together but that single item was only the starting point.

Just like that classic container of Tic Tac that people share, music and special moments are meant to be enjoyed with others. That communal experience enhances the memory and engages everyone in the moment.

With the event focusing on shaking the music, it would be remiss if Vine wasn’t asked about using a Tic Tac container to create a beat. Luckily, he had a container in his pocket and was able to show how he has shook his own musical interlude with the container. Again, that little container and its sound is relatable to everyone.

Lastly, everyone has a favorite Tic Tac flavor, including Bryce Vine. His favorite flavor is orange. It seems that he supports the team fruit.

Bryce Vine and Tic Tac team during fan experience at IHeart Festival, Las Vegas, photo provided by IHeart Music

Even while this special event was one finite moment, the impact extends beyond that weekend in Las Vegas. For the winners, they have stories to share and photos to remember. More importantly, it was a time that brought complete strangers together and showed how everyone can relate.

Whether you are an orange Tic Tac fan like Bryce Vine or you can shake a different beat via each hand, it is a reminder that there are more commonalities than differences. All moments should be celebrated.

The IHeart Festival 2019 will be featured in a two-part television special on October 2 and 3, airing on the CW. Additionally, IHeart Music Festival Greatest Moments will air on September 29. Tic Tac is a sponsor of the IHeart music festivals.

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Next time you hear the rattle of that Tic Tac container or catch a bar of Bryce Vine’s song, why not stop for a second and listen. Music is all around and life is full of special moments.