If you can shake the music, you must be enjoying a Tic Tac


Sometimes a mint is more than just a burst of refreshment. With Tic Tac, that package of mints could have you wanting to shake the music.

Got a beat, rhythm or a sound? Have you ever noticed that Tic Tac has a very iconic sound? That shake of mints in the iconic container could be your ticket to a musical experience. Are you ready to shake the music this summer?

Sometimes certain foods encourage a little play. Even though mom might have said, don’t play with your food, a few treats are just fun. If you have a container of Tic Tacs in your purse, bag or even your pocket, that container of mints can produce a wonderful sound.

It could be the shape or the container, but Tic Tacs can be the rhythm section to your daily activity. While you might not want to shake the container during a big business meeting or final exam, it can be a relaxing moment to add to the beat of your favorite summer song, break a moment of silence or even call the dog.

As a mom of a percussionist, I know that beats and rhythms can come from anywhere and everywhere. In our house, Tic Tac containers have become a fun exploration of sounds. From a full container to the single mint rattle, that music can inspire a lot of creativity. While it might not be Mozart, it does get the musical juices flowing.

With summer here, fun activities are a must. Since everyone can use a tasty mint, why not stock the travel bag with some Tic Tacs. Instead of everyone being on their devices in the car, why not create a backseat percussion section. Or, see who can guess the sound based on the rhythmic shake. Sometimes a little imagination is a good thing.

Right now everyone can discover their inner percussionist with the Shake The Music promotion. As a sponsor of the iHeartRadio 2019 Las Vegas Music Festival, the brand has special designed packaging that encourage everyone to shake to the music.

Specially marked containers of “Freshmints, Frosty Mint, Fruit Adventure, and Orange mint flavors along with bottle packs for Fruit Adventure and Orange” offer opportunities to shake for a chance at a variety of prizes. Maybe all that musical practice could earn you a spot in Tic Tac musical history.

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Are you ready to Shake The Music with Tic Tac? What is your favorite flavor?