Busch Gardens and SeaWorld pour free beer for guests this summer

SeaWorld free beer promo, photo provided by SeaWorld
SeaWorld free beer promo, photo provided by SeaWorld /

As summer fun goes into overdrive, theme parks are looking for ways give a little extra back to guests. Busch Garden and SeaWorld have tapped the keg and the free beer is flowing this summer. Thirsty for a frosty cold one?

From an epic summer vacation to the annual passholder who cannot get enough of the thrills, there are plenty of reasons to walk through the turnstiles this summer. But, consumers want a little extra to pair with the experience. SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are going back to its roots and pouring their guests a cold beverage and toasting to summer fun.

As SeaWorld Orlando Park President, Kyle Miller said, “It’s a fan favorite and a core part of our park and our history.” Whether enjoyed before that first ride or calming the nerves afterwards, taking a moment to stop by the bar is break that many people want.

Where can guests get free beer at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens?

At SeaWorld Orlando, all guests can receive one free 7oz beer now through August 4. Available at the Waterway Grill Bar, the complimentary beer is flowing from the taps. From 10:30 a.m. till one hour before the park closes, guests can choose from a variety of domestic and seasonal beers. Selections include local favorites like JDubs or iconic beers from Anheuser-Busch.

For guests at SeaWorld San Antonio, SeaWorld Season and Annual Pass Holders are invited to enjoy this free beer offer. The over 21 years old guests can receive this offer during each visit now through August 7.

At both SeaWorld locations, Electric Ocean is back to delight guests after the sun sets. The colorful nighttime event illuminates the sky and has everyone in awe.

While SeaWorld has everyone diving into the summertime fun, Busch Gardens has the beer flowing, too. At Busch Gardens Tampa, all guests can receive two complimentary beers per visit. The free beer is available at Pantopia Drinks and Snacks.

In addition to the free beer, Busch Gardens Tampa is hosting the all-new Summer Celebration event. From the return of the Cirque Electric Show to DJs spinning beats all around the park, all the guests are excited to party.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is giving Members and Annual Pass Holders a little extra refreshment. These guests can receive two complimentary beers during each visit. Also, any guest can purchase two beers for just 50 cents each. This offer begins on June 17.

Ready to toast to the hottest summer? The free beer is flowing and it is time to head to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens to get a sip.