Easy snacks that bring Great Value on that summer getaway

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(Photo by Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

While the gas prices might soar, the summer getaway is still rolling forward. After too many postponements, everyone wants to get enjoy some fun in the sun. Since that great adventure can make people hungry, these Great Value snacks from Walmart can keep the munchies in check and leave a little extra in the wallet for a special souvenir.

Everyone is looking to stretch their food shopping dollar. Whether it is looking to pantry staples for added value or looking to private label brands for lower costs, the reality is that smart shopping is becoming even more important. Although the extreme couponing might tempt some people to modify their shopping habits, the Great Value is waiting on the store shelf.

Walmart has always been a leader in offering cost-affordable options. Its private label Great Value is more than just a name. The products have long been trusted by consumers. From pantry staples to trending food choices, the Walmart brand offers exactly what the name implies, a cost-effective way to shop.

As summer vacation goes into full swing, many people are looking to find ways to save on food. Instead of that periodic pit-stop at the convenience store or drive-thru, the snack bag can be the more convenient option. Plus, the fewer stops can be beneficial to that gas purchase.

Here are some Walmart Great Value snack options that can fuel the summer getaway.


Even though breakfast food trends have changed over the years, a few staples have always been favorites with young and old. While brand names might have fun characters on the box, shouldn’t flavor and value matter?

Great Value has a variety of breakfast items that deliver the flavors that families love. Whether it is Fruit and Grain Cereal Bars, Oats and Honey Crunchy Granola Bars or even some Toaster Pastries, there are many options on the shelf. All of these food options are priced under $1.50. That pricing makes the purchase even more enticing.

Snack Time

As many parents appreciate, summer and snack time go hand in hand. The warmer temperatures just seem to make kids even hungrier. Even though there is always room for fruits and veggies, families need some grab and go pantry items, too.

Great Value has several satisfying snack options that the whole family will appreciate. From Thin Wheat Baked Snack Crackers to Snack Sticks to even some Peanut, Almond and Dark Chocolate Protein Bars, there is something that fits every craving. Plus, with various choices under $3.50, it means that the shelves can be well-stocked this summer.

Summer Fun Food

When it comes to summer vacation, there needs to be a little splurge, too. Life is too short not to indulge in a little sweet treat on occasion. Some Mini Cookies Variety Park or even some Twist & Shout Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Snack Packs will bring smiles all around.

Even though food shopping bills continue to rise and the strain on the weekly budget isn’t getting any easier, there are a few ways to stretch the dollar a little more. Great Value is waiting to be had as long as consumers look for it.