Zac Efron and Kodiak are ready to explore a new partnership

Zac Efron for Kodiak, photo provided by Kodiak
Zac Efron for Kodiak, photo provided by Kodiak /

From flapjacks to oatmeal, Kodiak has connected with consumers who appreciate that good food choices can fuel their next great adventure. From the daily grind to a desire to explore, those tasty dishes can be enjoyed everywhere and anywhere. With the help from its new Chief Brand Officer, Zac Efron, Kodiak is ready to forge ahead into some new territory.

While he might have sung his way into many people’s hearts many years ago, Efron is more than just a single note. The popular actor has starred in many films that have showed his talents.

More recently, Efron has invited people to travel with him on the Emmy Award winning Netflix series, Down To Earth with Zac Efron. While the locales stun with their beauty, the series dives into broader topics, like sustainability.

As Kodiak’s new Chief Brand Officer, the partnership looks to foster a conversation beyond the food on the table. According to Joel Clark, Kodiak’s Co-Founder and CEO, this collaboration is based on the idea that real food epitomizes a commitment to wellness both inside and out. Speaking about Efron, Clark said, “His global reach, passion for the outdoors, and focus on balanced nutrition makes him an ideal partner. We are teaming up to influence the future of food and keep America wild for future generations.”

Although the partnership has just begun, many people are excited to see how it evolves. While Efron appreciates that the protein in Kodiak’s products keeping him in peak performance for this fast-paced lifestyle, it is more than just a simple endorsement. Efron looks forward to “having the chance to be a part of Kodiak’s team in a much bigger way is super inspiring to me.”

When brands and spokespeople share similar beliefs, the authenticity shines brightly. Given that many people are loyal to Kodiak and its products, they will want to see the engagement between Efron and Kodiak. From commentary on favorite products to recipes to even some food hacks that are tasty for that next great adventure, all of these aspects will be vital to collaboration.

As a Kodiak fan, what do you want to see from the Chief Brand Officer?