OREO Neapolitan has everyone ice-screaming for more cookies

New OREO Neapolitan, photo provided by OREO
New OREO Neapolitan, photo provided by OREO /

Another limited-edition OREO cookie flavor is hitting the shelf. OREO Neapolitan brings the classic ice cream flavor to the iconic sandwich cookie. Hungry for a scoop or bite?

Revealed on TikTok, OREO shared its latest flavor innovation. Similar to how it launched its Caramel Mocha flavor, the social media reveal had many people talking. Given that July is Ice Cream month, the classic dessert flavor inspiration makes sense.

According to OREO, the latest flavor innovation starts with a “unique waffle cone flavored basecake.” Thinking of this description, it should have that classic brown sugar, buttery crisp taste that people pairs perfectly with ice cream. As seen in the pictures, even the cookie has the signature waffle cone like markings to highlight the change in flavor.

From there, the crème layers follow the traditional Neapolitan flavors, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. When enjoyed in one whole bite, it will capture the perfect scoop. But, if someone is not a fan of the trio, they might be out of luck. It seems not quite possible to parse out flavors.

Since many people enjoy their OREO in a specific way, this latest offering might not be for everyone. Ideally, this trio of flavors is meant to be enjoyed together.

Thinking about this new OREO flavor, it might give new meaning to an cookies and cream ice cream sundae or shake. Why not fold pieces of the Neapolitan Sandwich Cookies into a classic vanilla ice cream for a tasty treat. Or, create layers of ice cream sandwiches with the cookies. This flavor lends itself to OREO’s playful side.

The new, limited-edition OREO Neapolitan flavor will be available starting in July, while supplies last. Check with retailers for availability.

What do you think will be OREO’s next limited-edition flavor? Could another nostalgic flavor be churning in the cookie test kitchen?