Waffle Crisp is back and here to stay on the cereal shelf

Waffle Crisp, photo provided by Post
Waffle Crisp, photo provided by Post /

Food fans have become more vocal about their favorite flavors. When that taste disappears from the shelf, the petitions begin. Luckily one favorite cereal is going to be back where it belongs. Hungry for a bowl of Waffle Crisp?

According to Post Consumer Brands, the popular cereal is coming back, and more importantly, it will be here to stay. For anyone who remembers that waffle flavored cereal, it will start the morning on a sweet note. Grab a bowl, spoon and some milk.

Over the past several years, cereal fans have been quite vocal about wanting the return of that waffle-flavored cereal. When Waffle Crisp arrived in stores in 1996, it made a splash. Even if it didn’t save high school students from that morning bell, it had many people saying bye to other cereal choices.

But, the Post cereal disappeared from stores in 2018. When people could not satisfy that craving, they were not quiet. Even though it has taken a little bit, the cereal is back and here to stay.

Looking at this announcement, it is another example that food lovers are more vocal about their love of favorite foods. From the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza to favorite sodas to a variety of other foods, people share how these tastes are more than just another bite.

The connection between food and culture is what makes certain offerings so much more than just curbing a hunger. While many people can appreciate the idea that food can bring back a special memory, it is a way to communicate when words are unclear. Who hasn’t brought a casserole to a family during times of distress or brought cookies to celebrate a special occasion. Food is interwoven into everything.

For now, more and more nostalgic favorite foods are making their way back to stores, restaurants and tables. Waffle Crisp is another one. What other favorite will be next?