IHOP Minions Menu has everyone going bananas this summer

IHOP Minions Menu, photo provided by IHOP
IHOP Minions Menu, photo provided by IHOP /

While those mischievous characters make movie goers laugh, the IHOP Minions Menu has everyone hungry for another sweet treat. With bushels of bananas and more, this summer menu has everyone asking for another helping.

Ahead of the release of Minions: The Rise of Gru, IHOP has added eight new food and beverage items to its summer menu. Available through August 21, the special menu seeks to bring an extra helping of fun to the table. Even though Gru might be on this path to becoming a super villain, parents would be the hero for bringing their family to enjoy a meal.

According to Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP, “Illumination’s Minions have inspired our new menu this summer and have taken over IHOP, reimagining its menu with bananas, cinnamon donut holes, and more bananas.” While many people see the flavor appeal, it is a more than just a particular flavor. There is a sense of joy, togetherness and a little mischievous Minion magic.

IHOP Minions Menu offerings
IHOP Minions Menu, photo provided by IHOP /

What dishes are on the IHOP Minions Menu?

The eight IHOP Minions Menu items include Ba-Ba-Banana Pudding Pancakes, Cinna-Minions, Ba-Ba-Banana Milkshake, Minion Mango OJ Splasher, Cold Gru Iced Coffee, Mischievous Minion Kids Combo and Cinna-Minions Family Feast. While there is a sense of playfulness on the plate, the flavors will bring guests back for more.

For example, the Ba-Ba-Banana Pudding Pancakes offer banana flavor on overload. From banana slices to banana pudding, it is banana goodness in every bite. The Minions definitely approve of these pancakes. And, the Mischievous Minion Kids Combo is the complete meal that will have kids energized to tackle any task ahead of them.

For guests who are split on bananas, the Cinna-Minions are a must try. These donut holes that have been dusted with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with cream cheese are the perfect sweet ending to any meal. Whether enjoyed on their own or part of the Cinna-Minions Family Feast, there is nothing evil about loving this new menu item.

Overall, the IHOP Minions Menu appeals to both young and old. Whether it is a sweet treat, a savory item or a refreshing beverage, the food fun fills the table. Just leave the fart gun in the car. The only aroma necessary is more banana goodness.