Popeyes brings back this favorite side and adds a new dessert for its 50th anniversary

Popeyes 50th Anniversary celebration, photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes 50th Anniversary celebration, photo provided by Popeyes /

After offering guests a huge fried chicken deal to kick off its 50th anniversary, Popeyes continues the good times rolling by bringing back a favorite menu item and adding a new dessert.  Ready to raise a fork to another 50 years with the return of Popeyes Cajun Rice?

While food trends might capture everyone attention, brands with longevity deserve their moment to shine. Given the ups and downs of the restaurant industry, Popeyes 50 years of serving that iconic chicken and Louisiana favorites is a reason to celebrate. Somehow Al Copeland knew that those craveable Cajun spices and taste of homestyle cooking would bring people back year after year.

After many people took advantage of the throwback fried chicken offer to kick off the 50th anniversary celebration, Popeyes is adding to the excitement by bringing back Cajun Rice for a limited time.

While not necessarily a traditional Cajun dirty rice, this side has been a favorite with many people. When it was taken off the menu in 2021, many people were not pleased. Although the Popeyes Cajun Rice will be available for a limited time, it is a reason to order and order again while it is on the menu.

Previously known as Rice Dressing, the Popeyes Cajun Rice features a combination of bell pepper, onion, garlic, celery and cayenne with other Cajun and creole seasonings. The side pairs with everything on the Popeyes menu. This side dish is unique to Popeyes and is unlike other offerings in the quick service restaurant world.

Given that the Cajun Rice has such a loyal following, it was smart for Popeyes to bring it back for its 50th anniversary celebration. Beyond listening to loyal fans, there is something to be said for showcasing food and flavors that many the quick service restaurant unique. When a brand can set itself apart from the competition, it can and will retain its loyal customers. Making it to 50 years is an accomplishment.

What is the new dessert for the Popeyes 50th anniversary celebration?

While many people will be talking about the return of Popeyes Cajun Rice, there is a new menu item that deserves a taste, too. After all the spices on the table, a sweet ending is everything.

The new Strawberry Cheesecake Fried Pie is available at restaurants nationwide. According to Popeyes, the new dessert takes a strawberry fried pie and stuffs it with cheesecake and graham cracker filling.

In some ways, this dessert sounds like something that could be found at a state fair. The combination of sweet and fried is totally delicious. And, as an ending to a fried chicken meal, it works.

50th anniversary is the golden anniversary. Popeyes is bringing all the stops for its celebration. Isn’t it time to rediscover that love of that Louisiana Kitchen and appreciate that taste of longevity from the quick service restaurant?