Liquid Death puts its new beverage flavors to the ultimate foodie test

New Liquid Death flavors, photo provided by Liquid Death
New Liquid Death flavors, photo provided by Liquid Death /

While the brand might prefer unconventional marketing campaigns, Liquid Death is more than just a visual or a name that makes you look twice. Once you crack open the can, the flavor brings you back for more. The most astute palates agree, even if a taste test went a little extreme.

From food television competitions to unique dining experiences, taking away one of the senses can change how food tastes. While it can be a good prank to eat while blindfolded, being unable to see a food or beverage can make a difference in the flavor.

When Liquid Death decided to launch three new flavors, it decided to put its sparkling water to the test with some of the most luxurious foods on the planet. Although those solid foods were liquefied, the reaction is quite a sight to see.

What are the new Liquid Death flavors?

While the brand says that its sparkling waters will murder your thirst, the three new flavors’ names seem to capture that irreverence. The flavors are Berry It Alive, Mango Chainsaw, and Severed Lime. Each offering uses Agave Nectar and Natural Flavors, while bringing essential electrolytes to the can. At just 20 calories and 3g sugar, these beverages are a tasty alternative to soft drinks.

Although the names give a glimpse of the flavor, all three offerings are more than just a single fruit note. For example, the Berry It Alive combination passionfruit, black cherry, mixed berry and hibiscus in this nuanced offering. While most people will just drink this beverage from the can, consider serving it over ice with a few frozen berries or even a lime wedge.

While the Berry It Alive has the most flavors, both the Severed Lime and Mango Chainsaw add a touch of orange. That extra fruit flavor makes each sip event more enjoyable.

The new Liquid Death flavors are available in 16.9 oz tallboys and can be purchased at various retailers including 7-Eleven, Target, Publix and more. In addition, it can be purchased on Amazon.

For anyone who wants to support saying “death to plastic” and is looking for flavor without the extra spoonful of sugar, it is time to pop open a can of Liquid Death.