Family Road Trip Calculator solves the food travel snack debate

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With the car packed and the location selected, everyone is ready for a fun adventure. As the excitement builds, so does the hunger. Luckily, the Family Road Trip Calculator offers the solution for the food travel snack question. Ready to get rolling?

Whether it is an annual family trip, revenge travel or that quick getaway, the car offers the escape mode that many people want. Instead of flying the acrimonious skies, some people are getting behind the wheel to set off towards that next adventure.

Since the car trip can bring a little more together time, families might look for additional distractions. Although grandpa might suggest license plate bingo or I spy, the old school travel games are often replaced by screens. While there might be good and bad with that distraction, it can make the hours fly by more quickly.

More importantly, kids seem to get hungrier while traveling. Somehow that grumbling stomach seems to be the loudest noise that needs to be answered. Luckily, the Family Road Trip Calculator be the solution that everyone needs.

What is the Family Road Trip Calculator?

Recently, Lunchables created a simple mathematical equation to solve the perfect amount of “extras” that are needed for that next family road trip. With the food and travel solved, the fun is waiting to be enjoyed.

The calculation is quite simple. It has four components: hours of driving per day, number of kids, total planned pit stops, and total devices in the car. Weighing each of these factors leads to stocking the car with everything. And, hopefully a bushel of fun is waiting to be had.

Road Trip Snack Calculator
Road Trip Snack Calculator, photo provided by Lunchables /

For example, calculating the perfect amount of snacks is as simple as multiplying the number of driving hours per day by the number of kids in the car, then divide that number by the number of planned pit stops. It isn’t calculus. It is just a simple approach that anyone can master.

While there can be potholes along the way, like forgotten chargers or invading a seatmate’s space, the reality is that a Lunchables can keep the hunger at bay and return a sense of order. Although the calculation might not be as earth shattering as the Pythagorean Theorem, it is better than the new math and more useful for parents.

For that next trip, pull out the family road trip calculator. It might not ensure that there is no traffic along the way but it will make the experience an enjoyable one.