Cinnabon Chocolate BonBites celebrate a hot chocolate summer

Cinnabon Chocolate BonBites, photo provided by Cinnabon
Cinnabon Chocolate BonBites, photo provided by Cinnabon /

For many people, the aroma of a sweet, spicy cinnamon entices at the first whiff. But, cinnamon doesn’t have to be the only baked good flavor that creates a craving. The new Cinnabon Chocolate BonBites have everyone craving that perfect bite this summer.

Many people are familiar with the iconic Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. Eaten any time of the day, that combination of cinnamon with cream cheese frosting is the ultimate sweet treat. From the full sized cinnamon roll to its smaller BonBites, there is always a reason to indulge in that satisfying treat.

While Cinnabon has found many ways to transform its cinnamon offerings, the newest menu addition is a big departure. This offering has no cinnamon flavoring. Even though cinnamon has left the dough, the chocolate is a welcome substitute.

According to Michael Alberici, Vice President of Marketing, Cinnabon, “We’re a bakery-inspired brand, and that gives us the permission to experiment and get creative with new and popular dessert flavors, such as chocolate, within our treats. We know chocolate is a classic, familiar flavor that Cinnabon fans love, and we are confident that guests nationwide will enjoy new Chocolate BonBites, too, no matter the occasion – whether it’s a summer gathering or an anytime chocolate craving.”

The new Cinnabon Chocolate BonBites are bite-sized cinnamon rolls that are the ultimate chocolate indulgence. Nestled in between the classic Cinnabon dough, is a chocolate schmear. Then, the BonBites are topped with both chocolate and Cinnabon’s signature cream cheese frosting.

Thinking about this new Cinnabon offering, pairing it with a MochaLatta Chill would be the ultimate chocolate indulgence. While the iced beverage brings the refreshment on a warm day, it is the combination of flavors that offer chocolate satisfaction. Chocolate, coffee and sweetness can make any day better.

Available for a limited time this summer, the new Cinnabon Chocolate BonBites will be sold at mall bakeries, Maverick and Pilot Flying J Travel Center locations.

Grab some napkins and get ready to indulge. Life is too short not to enjoy all the chocolate goodness and Cinnabon Chocolate BonBites are the bite that chocolate lovers cannot resist.