Frito-Lay says consumers crave this snacking connection

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While the snack aisle is full of tasty options, the Frito-Lay Summer Snack Index found that consumers overwhelmingly crave this snacking connection. Although there seems to be a new flavor sitting next to classic options, there reality is that there is one real reason why one bag is chosen over another, and it might surprise shoppers.

According to the Frito-Lay Summer Snack Index 2022, “90 percent of consumers who snack daily care – and care deeply – about the companies whose snacks they’re eating.” While that sentiment might surprise shoppers as food costs continue to rise, the reality is that the connection between companies and consumers isn’t necessarily a new finding.

Over the years, shoppers are looking to support brands that align with their beliefs. From eco-friendly offerings to social initiatives, the connection is as important as the taste. Beyond the celebrity endorsements or newest trend, it is that social purpose that will have them grab one bag over another.

Frito-Lay found that products that invest in local communities, sustainable food products and naturally sourced ingredients are key decision-making factors. Even though there are other influences, these topics come into play.

Looking at Frito-Lay and its brands, those elements have been highlighted recently. For example, Doritos brought back its Doritos Solid Black campaign which highlights social change makers. Even if that Stranger Things collaboration might have been music to some people’s ears, the impact of Doritos Solid Black campaign has a far longer reach.

Is that snacking connection the only aspect driving Frito-Lay summer snack purchases?

The Frito-Lay Summer Snack Index found that innovative flavors are influencing purchase decisions. While shoppers might feel comfortable with familiar brands, the new offerings pique an interest to discover that new taste.

Mike Del Pozzo, chief customer officer, Frito-Lay North America, said “During the summer, people explore new activities, new places and enjoy new flavors of snacks as the attend more outdoor gatherings. While flavor continues to drive consumers’ food-purchasing behaviors, we know how a company behaves matters and that’s why I’m proud of Frito-Lay’s commitment to sustainability and community impact.

Frito-Lay has found success in blending favorite flavors with innovative offerings. For example, the Ruffles Spicy Dill Pickle blends the hot trend with the pickle trend. It is the best of the best of both worlds.

In addition, that particular flavor builds on an always popular snacking option, the combination flavor. The briny pickle with the spices’ heat gives snackers the duality that they crave. Food fans often cannot resist a tasty combo.

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While the Frito-Lay Summer Snack Index has a big bowl of food snacks, the overreaching findings are clear. Snack brands need to connect with consumers to ensure brand loyalty. Although that new flavor might have shoppers grab the bag, it is even more important for that snack lover to grab the bag over and over again.