Gerron Hurt talks MasterChef Table, Southern food and more, interview

MasterChef Table, photo provided by Grubhub
MasterChef Table, photo provided by Grubhub /

As one of only a few home cooks who have never relinquished their MasterChef apron, Gerron Hurt impressed not only the judges but also fans of the popular culinary competition. Even though fans devoured every morsel while Gerron competed, MasterChef has not perfected taste-o-vision. Now, thanks to Grubhub, foodies can indulge in those Southern food flavors.

As part of MasterChef Table, Gerron Hunt, along with other former MasterChef contestants, have curated a special menu available via GrubHub. Although each dish might not come with a side of salty Gordon Ramsay remarks, the flavorful food will satisfy many people’s cravings.

Recently Gerron spoke to FoodSided about this MasterChef Table partnership. Specifically, his food offerings are Southern Horsey Slaw; Nashville Hot Mac n’ Cheese; Nashville Hot Shrimp Tacos.

In some ways, these food options are what people expect from the chef. Gerron said, “I’m just a Southern guy at heart.” That Southern food is a bite of comfort wrapped in a flavorful presentation.

Gerron went onto explain how when he entered the MasterChef kitchen, he started with Nashville Hot Chicken. In a full circle moment, his winning meal included Nashville Hot Quail. So, for this MasterChef Table offering, it made sense to give a take on a Nashville Hot dish. That flavor is what people want to taste from him.

While many people will want to dive into those bold flavors, others might be a little spice adverse. For them, Gerron recommends the Nashville Hot Mac n’ Cheese. Given that the cheese can balance the spice, it is a tasty starting point.

Also, Gerron recommends getting a serving of the Southern Horsey Slaw with the Nashville Hot Shrimp Tacos. That bright, creamy slaw is another way to temper the heat.

Still, Gerron doesn’t want people to fear the flavor. Being open to new flavors, ingredients and experiences is part of what makes food so engaging.

Although many people are drawn to food television, the screen often creates a barrier for full enjoyment. MasterChef Table is a way to bring that culinary experience off the screen. Even though the culinary competitors have created their bonds through the mutual experience, food lovers look for ways to incorporate and to taste those moments.

Gerron believes that sitting at a chef’s table is a way for them “to feed people with recipes that have touched them.” Whether it is a travel experience, family memories or something else, the food is an expression beyond a just a combination of ingredients.

Specifically, Gerron believes that “experiences are what makes us.” From the culinary knowledge passed down from his mother to the dinner parties that he would throw for friends, it is about apply those moments and making them your own.

While few people will have the opportunity to step into the actual MasterChef kitchen, Gerron encourages everyone to create their own culinary competition in their kitchen. Whether it is ordering an extra entrée from the MasterChef Table and transforming some leftovers or creating their own version of a Mystery Box, the reality is that culinary creativity can bring a lifelong love of great food and enjoyment of cooking.

Although Gerron had great success on MasterChef, he did reveal that he would be willing to step back into the competition for a winners’ season or all-star competition. After honing his craft, he said that “it would be a joy to cook again.”

Even though he chose not to say which judge offered the most difficult critiques, Gerron believes that the feedback was essential for him becoming a better cook. Specifically, he said, “I’m a firm believer in feedback and feedback implementation and I think that’s one of the things that led me to win. Any golden nugget that the judges could give me, I’m just going to use.” And, that sentiment can definitely be tasted in these MasterChef Table dishes.

Maybe before the next MasterChef episode airs, place an order from MasterChef Table, enjoy and think about how you would transform the ingredients in each of these dishes. It might not come with the added pressure of impressing three expert judges, but it can inspire some fun in the kitchen. Sometimes the most flavorful seasonings come from the memories made around the stove.