Pabst Blue Ribbon latest offering ensures plenty of beer to pass round

Pabst Blue Ribbon1844 pack, photo provided by PBR
Pabst Blue Ribbon1844 pack, photo provided by PBR /

While it might be the song to pass time, 99 bottles of beer on the wall is far from the number that Pabst Blue Ribbon is offering this summer. Ready to pass around a few beers with friends, neighbors and more?

Last year, Pabst Blue Ribbon offered its gigantic 1776 beer offering. While the powers that be thought that 1776 was just the right number last year, it appears that 2022 has the iconic beer brand going bigger, quite a bit bigger. Ready for the 1844 pack?

According to Nick Reely, Vice President of Marketing – Pabst Blue Ribbon, this summer’s offering is all about going bigger, basically one upping themselves. “That was really the genesis of the 1844 pack; 68 more beers than our original big box, while also paying homage to our heritage and founding year and trying to lend a hand to our consumers across the country.”

To clarify, the 1844 number goes back to the year when PBR was founded. While that number is brewed in history, not everyone will be able to get their hands on this special offering. Only 250 of the special packs have been made. It is unclear where they can be purchased.

But, if you do happen to find this epic offering, there is a big question to ponder. Who will you share all the beer with? 1844 cans would take a long time for one person to drink. Averaging 263 cans a week might be excessive. Maybe someone could bring some beer to the lake, block party or even tailgate. Sometimes the best beer is the one that is shared with friends.

And, if you do happen to purchase this 1844 pack, don’t let the beer go to waste. Remember, beer in a can generally lasts about 9 months. So, don’t snooze on drinking all that classic American beer.

Who would you share 1844 beers with? Do you think that Pabst Blue Ribbon could go even bigger next year?