Cracker Barrel is the ultimate summer barbecue helper

Cracker Barrel fall menu, photo provided by Cracker Barrel
Cracker Barrel fall menu, photo provided by Cracker Barrel /

While many people think that they are master of the grill, sometimes that flame gets the best of them. From too many hours keeping watch to just trying to juggle it all, it can be good to phone a food friend. Cracker Barrel can be the summer barbecue assist that keep the good times rolling around the table.

From the rocking chairs to the games at the table, walking into a Cracker Barrel restaurant feels welcoming. Although there is always room for all-day breakfast, the menu isn’t just pancakes and eggs. Whether labeled country favorites or comfort food, there are plenty of menu items that taste almost better than grandma makes.

Given the restaurant brand’s classic recipes that always deliver the flavor, many people have turned to their local establishment to be their summer barbecue helper. Instead of asking a neighbor who’s cooking skills are a little suspect to bring a plate to pass, let the experts take over.

To simplify dinner, consider having Cracker Barrel sides as part of the meal. Whether it is some fried okra, the bacon baked beans or some biscuits, there are plenty of choices from the menu.

It doesn’t have to be a huge catering order, either. Simply place a to-go order or delivery option. Even if the grill’s flame charred those burgers a little too much, someone over sauced the ribs or the chicken is a little too chewy, the sides will save the day.

What other ways can Cracker Barrel save the summer barbecue?

Recently, Cracker Barrel has added beer, wine and cocktails to its menu. Whether it is a mimosa with brunch or a cold beer with that chicken fried steak, many people appreciate the added beverage choices.

One of the special cocktails for the summer is the Rocket Pop Mimosa. The colorful, flavorful beverage celebrates the red, white and blue in a big way.

While the strawberry mimosa goes with a variety of the Cracker Barrel menu items, it is a tasty way to end a meal on a warm summer day. Just like the kids enjoy a Bomb Pop as a treat, this adult beverage featuring the iconic popsicle is a great choice.

And, Cracker Barrel won’t mind if you borrow the idea for your own summer barbecue. A popsicle in a mimosa is always a great way to add a little fun to the beverage story.